AMD's SeaMicro unit lands Verizon as a customer

|About: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)|By:, SA News Editor

Verzion's new cloud infrastructure platform, announced last week to positive feedback, will use SeaMicro's (AMD -0.6%) SM15000 high-density server. AMD adds it "co-developed additional hardware and software technology" with Verizon over the last two years to enable "a higher level of control over security and performance [service level agreements]." (PR)

AMD unveiled the SM15000 a year ago, claiming at the time SeaMicro's proprietary interconnect tech allowed the server to pack 256 CPUs (both AMD and non-AMD chips are supported) in a single rack. In addition to its densities, AMD talks up the programmability of the SM15000's hardware, and its use of a modular architecture that allows CPU, storage, and networking resources to be separately upgraded; Intel is working on Xeon CPUs meant to enable similar hardware.

Rackspace certified the SM15000 for use with its OpenStack cloud infrastructure platform in February.