Schmidt: Google could move into enterprise analytics, transportation

|By:, SA News Editor

At a Gartner event , Eric Schmidt (GOOG -1.1%) suggested the A.I. tech behind Google Now, thus far focused on pushing consumer-centric mobile content, could be adapted for enterprise analytics applications.

Demand for big data/analytics software and services has been taking off. Google hasn't played much of a role in the market thus far, though it has seen a bit of success selling search appliances to enterprises.

Schmidt also: 1) Asserted Google's Compute Engine cloud infrastructure platform outperforms Amazon Web Services ; some benchmarks seem to back up Schmidt's claim. 2) Raised eyebrows by declaring Android "more secure than the iPhone." 3) Hinted Google, which is investing in self-driving tech and just founded an anti-aging company, might turn its sights on transportation services. "Transportation is a mess ... It needs to be solved."