Google roundup: Nexus 5, Chrome OS, China

|By:, SA News Editor

Phone Arena reports the 16GB version of LG's Nexus 5 will sell for an unsubsidized price of just $299, in spite of its high-end specs.

If true, chances are Android (GOOG -1.2%) OEMs such as Samsung, Sony, and HTC, who typically sell flagship models for $500+ unsubsidized, won't be pleased.

H-P (HPQ -1.3%) has unveiled the Chromebook 11, an 11.6" notebook with 16GB of storage, a weight of just 2.3 lbs, and a price of $279. Google announced last month H-P, Toshiba, Asus, and Acer would be launching new Chromebooks.

The H-P launch comes shortly after Google added offline app support to Chrome OS, and The Verge reported an upcoming version of the Chrome browser will effectively allow it to embed Chrome OS within Windows 8.

Chinese mobile analytics firm Umeng estimates there were 340M Android devices being used in China within Q2. However, Umeng also believes only 5.6% of Chinese Android app installs came via Google Play. 72.6% came from third-party app stores from the likes of Baidu and Qihoo. Likewise, the majority of Chinese Android phones don't ship with  core Google apps/services such as Maps, Now, and Gmail.

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