Intel launches Atom CPU for embedded devices, details Quark

|By:, SA News Editor

Angling for a larger piece of an embedded CPU market where ARM-based (ARMH) designs dominate, Intel (INTC) is launching a slew of products meant to address a space where power consumptions, size, and ease of integration often take precedence over raw performance. (PR)

For relatively powerful embedded systems such as ATMs, kiosks, infotainment systems, and certain medical devices, Intel is launching its Atom E3800 CPU (codenamed Bay Trail-I). The E3800, available now, features built-in media-processing circuitry and supports 2-4 cores.

Intel's tiny/low-power Quark CPU (previous), aimed at wearable/embedded devices that need minimal horsepower, features just one core clocked at up to 400 MHz. The chip begins shipping in Q1 2014.

Intel is also creating hardware/software designs (the software comes from its McAfee and Wind River units) for "gateway devices" that provide Internet connectivity and data-sharing for legacy energy, industrial, and transportation systems. Complementary middleware and analytics tools are also promised.

ARM is also busy improving its position within the embedded market, which has helped fuel the CPU core leader's rapid unit growth. Huge growth is expected over the next several years in the number of Internet-connected devices in operation, but estimates vary plenty.