Canadian pension fund still weighing BlackBerry investment

|About: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)|By:, SA News Editor

Mark Wiseman, CEO of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB): "It would be fair to assume that we would analyze that and try and make a determination as to whether it makes sense on a risk-adjusted basis for us to participate in a financial bid." That's hardly a guarantee an offer is on the way, but it nonetheless led BlackBerry (BBRY +1.6%) to rally in afternoon trading.

Wiseman mentioned two months ago CPPIB is open to taking a stake in BlackBerry, but that was well before the FQ2 warning arrived.

Another Canadian pension fund, Alberta Investment Management., is also considering taking part in a BlackBerry bid. However, the firm's CEO recently declared the proceedings "the most bizarre sales process I’ve seen in a long time," and added no one has "come to us with a proposal that makes any sense."

Reuters reported over the weekend Cisco, Google, and SAP are in talks related to buying part or all of BlackBerry. Shares have bounced a bit this week, but remain 9% below Fairfax's (funding-dependent) $9/share offer price.