Amarin falls as investors digest advisory committee briefing documents

|About: Amarin Corporation PLC (AMRN)|By:, SA News Editor

Briefing documents are now available for Amarin's (AMRN -8.9%) upcoming FDA Advisory Committee meeting regarding a high triglycerides and mixed dyslipidemia indication for Vascepa.

The stock is trading sharply lower as investors sift through the 115 page package.

It seems some traders are keying on the following statement from page 57: "The changes in lipid and lipoprotein parameters from baseline to week 12 in the mineral oil placebo group are rather atypical for a trial that included a stabilization period for diet and lipid-lowering therapy, raising the possibility that mineral oil may not be as inert as assumed. If true, the treatment effects observed with AMR101 may be overestimated."

Full set of documents here.