More on AT&T: Company to stop offering older data plans

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Starting Oct. 25, AT&T (T +0.2%) will eliminate its traditional voice/data plans to new postpaid subs, and require them to sign up for one of its relative costly Mobile Share plans. Existing subs can retain their current plans.

AT&T launched Mobile Share a year following the launch of similar plans from Verizon. Under Mobile Share, a smartphone sub is charged $70/month for unlimited talk/text and a mere 300MB/month data bucket; upgrading to a 2Gb bucket costs $25/month, and sharing the data with tablet another $10/month.

AT&T's move comes at a time when T-Mobile and Sprint, both of whom offer unlimited data to postpaid subs, have become more aggressive with their pricing.

~18% of postpaid subs used Mobile Share at the end of Q2. AT&T claims over 25% of Mobile Share subs sign up for 10GB or higher plans.

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