Broadcasters petition Supreme Court to shut down Aereo

|By:, SA News Editor

Confirming media reports, CBS, ABC (DIS), NBC (CMCSA), and Fox (FOX, FOXA) have petitioned the Supreme Court to shut down InterActiveCorp-backed (IACI) Aereo's $8-$12/month local TV streaming service.

The petition follows a string of legal setbacks for the broadcasters, the most recent delivered this week by a Massachusetts court.

Aereo, which has been busy expanding its reach, still faces some major non-legal business challenges. Service reviews have been very mixed, and the company is charging for content many consumers can access for free with an HD antenna (and, if they wish, stream remotely using a SlingBox or comparable device).

Nonetheless, Aereo has already become a thorn in the side of broadcasters, simply by acting as leverage for pay-TV providers in their retransmission fee disputes. Moreover, if the service's legality is upheld, it could open the door to more comprehensive offerings from major tech, telecom, and media companies.