European automobile market: Beware of taking on the Germans

|By:, SA News Editor

Major automobile companies are making a big mistake in thinking they can increase profit margins by taking on German automakers (BAMXY.PK, VLKAY.PK, DDAIF.PK) in the luxury market on their home turf, argues Neil Winston of The Detroit News.

The "delusional" strategy to invest in the high-end market - instead of slashing capacity and following the lead of the successful South Korean automakers (KIMTF.PK, HYMLF.PK) in Europe - has proven disastrous to automakers such as Saab, Renault (RNSDF.PK), and Volvo (VLKAY.PK) in the past.

Peugeot (GM, PEUGF.PK) and Ford (F) are guilty of falling for the temptation to move more models into the European upscale market, while Fiat (FIATY.PK) is playing small ball on the continent.