Amazon reportedly partnering with HTC to launch smartphones

|By:, SA News Editor

The FT reports Amazon (AMZN -1.3%) is partnering with struggling HTC (HTCKF.OB) to bring a line of smartphones to market. A source claims one of three devices discussed by the companies is "at an advanced stage of development." But another cautions there's no guarantee the product will be released, and the paper adds a 2013 launch is unlikely.

TechCrunch reported earlier this month Amazon is working on two smartphones - a high-end model with four cameras and a 3D UI, and a low-end model with software similar to that found in Kindle Fire tablets.

Any Amazon smartphone would have to contend with both strong competition from Asian Android OEMs (particularly on the low-end), and (assuming Amazon once more uses its own OS and app store) a lack of access to the Google apps/services provided to other Android vendors.