Google, Facebook reach display ad deal

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Facebook's (FB +3.8%) FBX exchange (shows targeted ads on Facebook sites based on non-Facebook activity) will now allow advertisers using DoubleClick's (GOOG +13.9%) Bid Manager ad-buying platform to purchase ad inventory.

As AllThingsD's Peter Kafka observes, the deal is a big one, given FBX's growth and DoubleClick's huge display ad market presence; Bid Manager already supports dozens of online ad exchanges.

Whereas Facebook had granted FBX access to ad tech platforms from AOL, Adobe, and many others, Bid Manager was a notable exception, reportedly due to concerns Google would gain access to valuable pricing/inventory data it could use to better compete against FBX.

Kafka: "Either Google has made concessions to Facebook to get access to Facebook’s inventory, or Facebook has decided that working with its biggest competitor is better than shutting it out. Or both."

FBX and DoubleClick's Ad Exchange compete in a fast-growing market for real-time (programmatic) ad bidding. AOL, Yahoo, and newly-public Rocket Fuel (FUEL) also take part.

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