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SAP uninterested in BlackBerry, BBM sees mixed and fake reviews

  • "Blackberry doesn't fit with our strategy," says SAP (SAP +0.6%) CFO Werner Brandt, shooting down reports the German software giant is interested in parts of BlackBerry (BBRY -0.2%). Cisco, Samsung, and Google have also been reported to be interested in acquiring some of the struggling smartphone vendor's assets.
  • Meanwhile, the new Android/iOS BBM apps has received a harsh review from The Verge, and a muted review from The Inquirer. The former only gave the apps a score of 5.0/10, while criticizing their "ugly design" and the absence of features offered by rival mobile messaging services, such as voice calls, video chats, and location sharing. The latter likes the apps' "reasonably smooth" UI and invite features, but sees them having trouble standing out in a crowded landscape.
  • Also: Complaints have come in about fake BBM reviews on Google Play, where the app maintains a user rating of 4.2/5 stars. BlackBerry says it had nothing to do with the fake reviews.
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  • Voice and Video to follow by year's end. And when it does, the quality, stability and fidelity will dwarf everything else that is out there.
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  • LYogi,


    How will BBM dwarf "everything else that is out there" if they are only matching the features on the other platforms?


    To my mind, releasing this lite version was a huge mistake. People who already use WhatsApp and WeChat etc will download it, give it a try, then reject it as feature deficient.


    These people won't care if there promises of updates that will add in the features they already have in their current instant messenger. They won't care about BlackBerry's legendary security, they simply won't care.


    I have 3 teens and one 20 something and they simply don't care about some BlackBerry legacy. They want a cool crisp app, and it better be better than what they have or it's gone - mostly likely NOT to get a second chance.
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  • that's just it: BBM is the crispy messaging app out there - putting the instability of Skype and WhatsApp to shame.


    If you don't believe me all I ask if for you to have a voice/video conversation using BBM...(understandably you may have to wait a month or two to do so if you are using a cross-platform device which I agree was unfortunately is the case but is in no way a deal-breaker).


    Now factor in the concept of security and privacy which is only going to grow more and more as a going concern for not only business/gov't but also consumers and voila! you have a monster hit and massive opportunity to monetize it through such a captive and populous audience.
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  • source:
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  • They don't match the features of other apps? The most important feature to me is the (d) and the (r) status offered by bbm. I need to know when my message has been read. In all other chat apps except for iMessage you will not know if your message has been read until you get a response. What if they dont respond. Then what? You have to send another message asking. How is that different from text messaging or email? IMessage has the (r) feature but its an optional setting. Kind of defeats the purpose as I don't know who has it on or off when I send a message. What about Whatsapp and the double check marks? Sorry folks it is bogus.
    See their FAQ (last entry at that. Wonder why it is the last entry?). The single check mark means it went to the server. The double means it got to the device. Pretty useless information. The device could be sitting with the message for hours before the message is read. Whatsapp and the likes are useless to me for that reason. I have 3 20 somethings studying in different parts of the world. The only way I can get an instant response from them is if I send them a bbm message. They swear by it.
    29 Oct 2013, 02:48 PM Reply Like
  • Those reviews fake reviews are actually on a fake BBM that is also on Google Play. For some reason I can't locate the real BBM for my wife's Android on Google Play, but have no problem sourcing it on my device. Their appears to be a hijack somewhere.
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  • Merrlin; just visit with your wife's Android device browser. Easiest and safest way to go.
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  • I've never found the Play store to have very good searching - I always go to to search out Android apps.
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  • Millions upon millions disagree with the report.
    28 Oct 2013, 01:34 PM Reply Like
  • I agree it's a fit and why some one would suggest it might be is far out there.


    Company X to BlackBerry 1:1 possible deals


    There are may of us who have been long and still are long in Blackberry for some time. None of use believe the company is worth only 9$ a share or are very happy about the board cutting & running on use for a deal at just 9$.


    Most of us believe the stock is over sold and under unfair pressure. IMO the deal should be and must be in the range of 24$ a share. The Board should not be giving away our up side possibilities on our investments after the long term investors have held on for these difficult last few years..


    What we should be looking for is a deal that sees Blackberry continue to operate as a stand a long company for the time being so we have at lease a chance to recapture some of our paper losses. If this is not possible then the board should be looking for a deal with a quality company that will do a 1 of 1 stock exchange rather than a pure cash deal.


    Please god let us not have Mike Lazaridis back into this mix. I don't think he has any new vision or insight to add to the stock valuation of the company.


    A deal from Cisco Systems would fly if they could so a 1 for 1 deal. I would even be prepared to have those newly issued CSCO share locked in or not tradeable for up to two years after the deal closes.


    It could be a $9., $12. or what ever cash deal for those that elect not to stay and hold the aquiring companies stock for two years.


    The deal does not have to be with CSCO but any company of vision with a current share price in that $20. to $25. range.


    If the board takes the deal from Mr. Watsa’s and Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. (FFH) the only one that wins with Mr. Watsa. Taking Blackberry private Mr. Watsahe gets to capture all our up side with very little down side risk.


    Some of the companies I would consider a share for share swap deal with a 24 month trading hold on the take out stock could look like;
    CSCO 1:1
    INTC 1:1
    MSFT 1:1
    BCE 1:2
    MU 1 plus $5.:1
    BRCM 1:1
    CRUS 1:1
    SNDK 1:3
    QCOM 1:3
    YHOO 1:1
    CRUS 1:1
    just to name a few possible target companies.
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  • What about all the good news- BBM #s, positive reviews overall, importance of security, etc? Your highlights seem very biased.
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  • Would you believe, in the first place, anything that shows up on The Verge? Good grief.


    Competitors are quaking. Apple even pulled the font needed to operate BBM requiring an immediate fix from BBRY (already implemented).


    Report last night of 35m BBM downloads. Big plus with BBM: it doesn't harvest your contacts for phone numbers and share them around. It is amazing what the world has been putting up with. That puts the user numbers at just about 100m.
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  • What a shame? Whoever had changed the font for operating BBM means that whoever could not face the reality - being defeated.
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  • Yada-Yada ... here we go with a round of *selected* news.


    SAP not interested is old news.
    Harsh reviews from theVerge, yeah ... not so harsh in reality, but what to expect from them ?
    The inquirer ? oops, your link is directing to google cars ... ???
    BBM fake reviews has nothing to do whit BlackBerry. It has to do with the poor monitoring of Android markets in general and these were both positive and negatives reviews.


    Now, the reality :
    1. P. Watsda is nowhere praying for funds: and we may see a bidding war soon.
    2. BBM multi-platform is live and BBM should go from 60 to above 100Million users in days (if not already). BBM-x app is ranked #1 top free download almost everywhere in the world, both for Android and Apple devices. One of the most successfull app launch *ever*. THAT alone would have excited the street if it wasn't BBRY, the most bashed stock.
    3. OS 10.2 has been released worldwide (except U.S.A, should drop in November) and improves almost everything greatly.
    4. Z30 (the phablet / 5" display) is out and will be exclusive to Verizon for the U.S with a nice $199 (2yrs contract) price in November:
    5. BES 10.2 is on its way with tons of enhancements
    6. BES "in the cloud" is on preview
    28 Oct 2013, 02:01 PM Reply Like
  • NIce projections guys, I'm still thinking it's going to be Watsaberry at $9 and the number of downloads, silky texture, famous spokespersons, and "next year..." guesstimates will be pointless.


    Do recall that the value of something from a seller's eyes is often quite different than how a buyer sees it. Part of the funding for Watsa's bid may come from one of the companies on the list of 'potential' competitive bidders. If Company A and Company B are hungrily eyeing a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, why get into a bidding war for the whole bucket if all Company B would really want are the wings?
    28 Oct 2013, 02:15 PM Reply Like
  • Most reviews of Z10 were fake or dishonest . . .!!!


    One honest reviewer, who originally gave the phone / system a look-worm review - concluding that it was too little too late, was later forced to use a Z10 for a few days, as he misplaced his beloved iSomething, and to his credit, he issued a glowing follow-up, which unfortunately didn't get 10% of the publicity of the original 'review'.


    It is reminiscent of IBM's infinitely superior OS/2 having been killed by Windows 95.
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  • " look-worm review" ?!!


    could you mean lukewarm?
    28 Oct 2013, 05:04 PM Reply Like
  • Yeah, like in Star Wars...
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  • This is old news, we all know the fake apps and bbm reviews are just hackers who are miffed Blackberry thwarted their, their attempt to screw up the launch again.As far as I'm concerned It's a black eye for Google who don't seem to get thier act together and clean up the app store. Good on blackberry keep up the good work on the re-launch of BBM. Kudos to Blackberry also for thwarting Apples sleazy trick to remove the font, and screw up the IOS app. Must be slow day at the verge. Poor verge I'm so sorry about the quality of your reporters you deserve better!
    28 Oct 2013, 10:57 PM Reply Like
  • petergrt! That is exactly the problem Blackberry is facing. They get bashed by people who don't use a Z10, then when they try it they are amazed! That is their real dilemma. There is so much negative commentary towards Blackberry that people think they are dead just because the media says so, then they don't even bother trying one out. They have to find a way to overcome that, then they will be more successful!
    29 Oct 2013, 02:19 AM Reply Like
  • BlackBerry adds 20M active BBM users in first week:

    29 Oct 2013, 09:06 AM Reply Like
  • @LYogi,


    What is BlackBerry's threshold for declaring an 'active user'?
    They registered an account? They sent one instant message?


    I'm guessing so.


    I think BlackBerry set the threshold as low as described above so that they could make this claim.


    Why do I feel this way? Two reasons:
    1. one week is not enough time for 20M Android and iOS users to develop any sort of meaningful BBM contact list.
    Heck, I could download BBM for android and I don't know one single BBM user to communicate with.
    2. Even if someone did have a few BBM contacts, the fact that they sent a message or two does not make the an 'active user' as it would simply be the due diligence required to determine if you were going to keep the app.


    IMHO, active users could be determined only after an individual continued to use the app after several weeks.
    29 Oct 2013, 02:50 PM Reply Like
  • ok, you are speaking about an user that remains with the service and thereby becomes an 'entrenched' user?


    in law there is a principle : res ipsa loquitur


    which means 'the thing speaks for itself'


    and my feeling is that once people experience the crystal clarity of BBM voice and video they will abandon other pretenders such as Skype and Whatsapp much like they did with VHS once DVDs hit the shelves. ;)
    29 Oct 2013, 03:05 PM Reply Like
  • LYogi expects this, so...


    From The Book of Definitions, BlackBerry Press, publisher, Waterloo, ONT 2008.


    Active User shall be determined to be described as one whose heartbeat has an observable pulse.
    29 Oct 2013, 03:32 PM Reply Like
  • Thanks, as always, for the levity RJ!
    29 Oct 2013, 04:13 PM Reply Like
  • The time draws near, my friend. I haven't heard anything negative lately about PW, so I think that is probably solid. Don't worry, however it goes I'll try and take credit for seeing it happen a long time ago - like 2007.
    29 Oct 2013, 04:30 PM Reply Like
  • Here is an other successful Blackberry story to add to petergrt's story. I Guess some of you have heard about the story (of course the media didn't report it)of the German Chancellor being miffed about her emails being intercepted by NSA that she ditched her useless Nokia phone( you know all she new was blue) (blue screen microsoft get it) What did she do after? She got an other phone. She didn't get an Apple,Iphone, she didn't get an Samdung, she didn't get an other Windows (blue screen)phone, what did she get... okay wait for it......she got a BB10 Z10! Yes the phone that nobody wants! (or as the media wants you to think). This is priceless! Blackberry couldn't have paid to get this kind of publicity. Lets hope Frank (asleep at the whee)l capitalizes on this.
    29 Oct 2013, 09:10 AM Reply Like
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