Report: Rachesky eyes sale of Loral

|About: Loral Space and Communic... (LORL)|By:, SA News Editor

Loral (LORL +4.6%) gets its tail in the air as the NYPost reports Chairman Mark Rachesky - owner of 38% of the stock - is putting the company on the block. The hedge funder has reportedly put out feelers to potential buyers, but has not yet hired a banker.

A favorite of special situation/value players, Loral's principal asset is a 62% stake in Canadian satellite company Telesat. Rachesky turned down $6B for Telesat about three years ago and now - with four satellites launched since - reportedly believes it to be worth $10B (which would put Loral's value at north of $100 vs. $71.96 at the moment). Putting maybe a more realistic price of $7.25B on Telesat, SA Pro's Mike Arnold makes the case for Loral being valued at around $84 per share.

All of this excludes Loral's 56% stake in XTAR, which Arnold values at about $2 per share.