Google roundup: EU investigation, floating barges, self-driving cars, Nexus 5

|By:, SA News Editor

EU regulators say they'll seek feedback from Google's (GOOG +0.4%) rivals and other before deciding if they should accept a recent settlement offer. A month ago, regulators suggested a deal was close after receiving fresh concessions, including a promise to clearly distinguish links to Google content from other search results.

CNET has followed up on its initial report about Google's floating facility on a barge in San Francisco Bay. The site reports hearing from a "well-connected" source the barge, along with a similar one in Portland, ME, will be used for Google Glass stores that will float from city to city. The idea is said to be the brainchild of either Larry Page or Sergey Brin.

A study presented by the head of Google's self-driving car project asserts Google's cars already drive more safely and smoothly in self-driving mode than when under human control. The cars are said to accelerate and brake less sharply in self-driving mode, and to more frequently maintain a safe distance from other cars.

Evleaks reports Google/LG's Nexus 5 will launch on Friday. Two weeks ago, the 5" phone briefly showed up in the Play store sporting an unsubsidized price of $349, easily below that of most Android phones with comparable specs.