EA falls amid muted Battlefield 4 reviews, end of Tiger Woods deal

|By:, SA News Editor

Battlefield 4 launched today in the U.S., ahead of Electronic Arts' (EA -2.7%) afternoon FQ2 report. Reviews for the first-person shooter have been respectable, but not quite glowing.

EGM (8.5/10) calls Battlefield 4's multiplayer mode "a force to be reckoned with"  capable of producing "dozens of memorable, thrilling experiences the likes of which just aren’t possible in any other shooter." But it also claims the game's hyped single-player mode (includes work from film/TV actors) "misses its narrative ambitions by a mile."

IGN (8.0/10): "The current-gen version of Battlefield 4 isn't the ideal way to play, but it isn't damaged or deficient despite its limitations. It accomplishes less than you'll see on other platforms, but it's still a great multiplayer shooter."

EA is counting on both sales of Battlefield 4 itself, and subscriptions to its $50 premium service, to bolster holiday season results. EA closed its June quarter with 4M+ subs for its Battlefield 3 Premium service.

Separately, EA has ended its 15-year relationship with Tiger Woods. That means Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (launched in March) will be the last EA golf title to feature Woods' name. NPD estimates the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise has produced $771M in game sales over its lifetime.