WSJ: BlackBerry met with Facebook to gauge interest in bid

|About: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)|By:, SA News Editor

The WSJ reports BlackBerry (BBRY +2.5%) execs flew to California to meet with Facebook (FB +0.8%) to "gauge its interest" in a possible bid for the company. Sources state it's unclear if Facebook is interested in playing ball. Nonetheless, BlackBerry shares have caught a bid on the report.

Facebook joins a very long list of names attached to BlackBerry M&A rumors. The list already includes Lenovo, P-E firm Cerberus, major BlackBerry shareholder Fairfax Financial, and co-founder Mike Lazaridis.

"If someone knocks on your door, don't answer, it is just Blackberry asking you to buy them," a trader quips to Notable Calls.

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