Intel reportedly set to abandon TV project, sell assets to Verizon

|About: Intel Corporation (INTC)|By:, SA News Editor

Sources tell AllThingsD control of Intel Media, the unit responsible for Intel's (INTC) Web TV service project, could soon be handed off to FiOS provider Verizon (VZ). It isn't clear if Intel would hold onto some of the unit's assets.

There were multiple reports last month Intel's project, which was met with skepticism from the start, was in dire straits. Content licensing talks proved difficult amid hostility from pay-TV providers worried about new competition, and from all indications, new CEO Brian Krzanich hasn't viewed the project as a priority.

If Verizon was to acquire Intel Media, its FiOS division could find some use for the set-top software/UI and cloud DVR tech the unit was working on. Intel Media acquired three startups to assist with its software efforts.