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  • Did I miss any mention of the screw up in the roll-out ( of the "affordable" health care law = + its potential effect on consumer spending?
    When consumers will be forced to spend more money on their health policies = I understand many million folks may become involved = how will that effect consumer spending = a huge chunk of the GDP?
    If it affects consumer spending negatively, should that also has a potentially negative effect on the market?
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  • Are we still talking about the ACA? What's the %... the majority of insurance provided in this country is through employers and medicare. A very small percentage of the population gets their healthcare through individual plans... I highly doubt that it will impact the bottom line of this country much.


    Most employer's healthcare plans meet ACA requirements. Some might have to adjust, but they go up every year anyway regardless of the ACA or not (evidence from the time I started working post-graduate I have seen a premium increase every year).
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  • Most of those who sign up for ACA don't have jobs. They are probably not investors.


    An exception: I know a guy who signed up for ACA in California. He's mid-40's, fit, owns his own successful networking services business. He has a pre-existing heart condition and could get no insurance at any price.


    Now, he is insured via ACA. It means that if he has a bad health problem, he will no longer be faced with losing his house and his company. He might be more inclined to invest now.


    True story.
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  • I have another true story. I graduated with an individual who developed diabetes. He wasn't over weight, he ate pretty well, he's young, and doesn't have a family history of the disease. He runs his own business and was uninsurable. Now with the ACA he is able to purchase insurance.


    This is what quite a few people don't understand. Citizens of this country think getting cable television and other forms of entertainment is a right and that basic healthcare isn't. I still hear people complaining about healthcare costs from people that pay $160 (or more) a month for DirectTV.
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  • What? Why does any plan have to meet any requirements?
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  • Healthcare is not a "right". The constitution guarantees the right to the pursuit of happiness not healthcare? Why should I pay for you healthcare or anyone else's? I have the right to freely chose to do so or not.
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  • No such thing as free lunch. Wouldn't expect you to understand. It is too simple of a concept.
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  • Good for him. Really. Millions will think of him with a warm, fuzzy feeling when they look at their checkbook at the end of the month.
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  • Because the American people are too dumb to decide what is good for them. The people implementing the website are in charge.
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  • You should pay because it is in your best interest to see your neighbor in good health. You know, the guy next door that is gonna find the cure for cancer and give you 10 more years to live or the girl that is gonna write a paper propelling a new and better form of government into existence.


    The constitution would not have been made if we did not look out for each other. We would be living in caves banging each other's skulls in and living in fear.


    You really wanna deny the next Einstein or Bezos medical treatment because they don't have the right?
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  • "Tax the rich, feed the poor Till there are no rich no more", Ten Years After.


    I get that warm and fuzzy felling when I read your note. All one big miserable family.
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  • I am 58 pay $1002 + drugs per month for wife and me. Under aca for the same coverage it will cost $1600 to $1900 a month for my wife and me. Why can't we help the ones that need help without blowing up the whole system? Just saying.
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  • You really wanna deny the next Einstein or Bezos medical treatment because they don't have the right.


    Haven't We already done that with the millions of abortions over the past three decades? they could have been the ones that start the change in Washington. They would just be starting to make a contribution. Just saying.
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  • Firms using models based on the past and are not adjusting those models to adapt to today's (quite different) situation are going to get burned.
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  • Not true. My model dates back to the Spanish Inquisition and is based on interpreting the signs of nefarious witchcraft. It's never been wrong!
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  • LMAO!
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  • First LOL posted on SA.
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  • The market will tread water until the congress gets its act together.
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  • It will be treading water for a long time, I fear.
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  • As long as money is cheap and QE continues the flow into Equities continues and the pressure is UP. Look for a small consolidation that started a couple of days ago and may dip 2-5% more then back up the Indexes go IMO. BTW Institutionals will be taking profits this month after satisfying the 52 wk. holding period for capital gains tax rate which will impact this month's consolidation.
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  • Why would they take profits this month specifically?
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