Google roundup: YouTube, Google+, barges

|By:, SA News Editor

AdAge reports YouTube (GOOG), which once bent over backwards to get media giants to provide it with content, is now demanding the same 45% ad revenue cut from them that it gets from smaller content providers

However, YouTube is reportedly now willing to let partners keep 100% of the revenue they produce beyond a certain ad price threshold. That could work to the favor of larger content providers able to negotiate favorable prices

The report comes at a time when analysts estimate YouTube produces $3B-$4B in annual revenue (Google, as usual, remains tight-lipped), and as YouTube's mobile video views skyrocket.

Google+'s 300M+ monthly active news stream viewers (recently announced) aren't as impressive as they might first appear. Amir Efrati reports Google counts anyone who clicked on a Google+ notification alarm bell (found in the top right corner on most Google properties) as a monthly viewer.

Multiple sources now tell CBS affiliate KPIX 5 Google's floating barges (previous) will "feature luxury showrooms and a party deck ... to market Google Glass and other gadgets to invitation-only clients." The project is said to be "personally directed" by Sergey Brin.

CNET has reported the barges will float from city to city.