Light quality helps LED bulb sales grow in spite of high prices

|By:, SA News Editor

Though fluorescent bulbs still sell for a fraction of the price of LED bulbs, and do so while providing major power savings relative to traditional incandescent bulbs, complaints about fluorescents are contributing to a surge in sales of LED bulbs

Consumers have complained about the harsh, bluish light emitted by many fluorescent bulbs - LEDs are seen as emitting a warmer light - as well as their dimming properties. Trade association NEMA estimates incandescents will still make up ~75% of 2013 U.S. lighting sales, in part due to their cost advantage.

LEDs are still only account for ~1% of bulbs in American homes, but that figure is quickly rising, thanks to dropping prices - bulbs from CREE, GE, and others can be bought for $10 or less at major retailers - and subsidies/rebates.

Companies (besides Cree) that have strong LED industry exposure: RBCN, LEDS, VECO, AIXG, GTAT.