Kessler: Twitter aims to remake advertising

|By:, SA News Editor

"Twitter (TWTR) has something more than Facebook," writes Andy Kessler, thanks to the way it enables conversation among groups of users. The bottom line for companies (advertisers): "Word-of-mouth is the best way to sell almost anything."

Kessler notes the second-screen phenomenon in which Nielsen says nearly 50% of viewers between 25-34 tweet or use Facebook while watching TV. It's these "real-time capabilities and the ability to close the deal" that will attract advertisers to Twitter, meaning it won't be about moving chips or beer, but instead big-ticket items that require discussion before purchase.

"The days are over of Mad Men figuring out how to cajole or trick us into buying products through mushy psychological profiling of demographic groups. The new model is going to mean including buyers and sellers in more transparent conversations about a product's pros and cons ... #Bringiton."