Early iPad Air usage/activation data positive

|By:, SA News Editor

Mobile ad services firm Fiksu, which monitors activity on millions of iOS devices via the apps developed by its clients, reports the iPad Air (AAPL +1.3%) "is seeing five times the usage the iPad 4 did two days after launch – and more than 3 times that of the iPad Mini."

Also: AT&T reports its weekend iPad activations were up over 3x from last year's launch weekend. Though a positive datapoint, it's worth noting Wi-Fi-only devices still make up a solid majority of iPad sales, and that AT&T's tablet subscriber adds have grown quickly this year thanks to the adoption of its Mobile Share plans, which lower the incremental cost of adding a tablet to a service plan.

The retina iPad Mini is set to launch later this month, possibly on Nov. 21.

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