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Bonds plummet following strong jobs report

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  • So bonds down, yields up, rates up, so stocks worry...


    Is the whooshed down participation rate counting all the furlowed workers?
    8 Nov 2013, 09:00 AM Reply Like
  • 3 month Libor for December 2016 is now priced at 2.07%....
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  • This morning the usual suspects on CNBC Squawkbox chimed in with their reactions to the NFP numbers. Surprisingly, Mark Zandi (Moodys) observed that the numbers did not "seem right" given the Govt. shutdown and the latest revisions to GDP. Now this from a guy who is generally very supportive of the economic data and the current administration. In other words this is no ranting Rick Santelli. This is a buttoned-down labor economist who finds the data "suspect" to say the least. Of course the Fed's number one shill, Steve Liesman, practically jumped over the table at Zandi. Predictable. The bottom line of the release overlooked by traders in their exuberance; a lower labor participation rate and a higher U-2 and U-6 number. To me this confirms that this economy is still a long, long way from recovery. Hence, tapering is by no means a sure thing before next summer.
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  • The latest revision to GDP? What are you talking about? Second quarter has not been revised. It is 2.5% And the third quarter was up at 2.8%.


    I think Zandi is experiencing forecasting regret. He made a bad forecast and wants to blame the figure.
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  • Just by looking at the action in bond futures...On Thursday institutions loved bonds...On Friday, bonds got blown out by the same people. This proves two things...NFP numbers aren't leaked...Two..real money / fast money accounts aren't going to wait for the Fed.
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  • Bonds are starting to look like they are going the way of CD's
    Policies are killing product after product off ,then feeding on each other.The system before 2008 worked.The only safe bet to start now would be your more conservative investments.Well placed volume has always been the best survival chances in any market.
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