Yahoo sued for scanning emails

Yahoo (YHOO) has been sued in California for scanning users' emails in order to serve targeted advertising.

The plaintiff wants Yahoo, which has over 275M email members globally, to pay damages of $5,000 for each person whose privacy has allegedly been invaded.

The suit adds to similar cases involving Google and LinkedIn.

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  • Randal James
    , contributor
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    Dang it! I knew I should have hooked up with LinkedIn. $5,000 down the drain!


    17 Nov 2013, 01:52 AM Reply Like
  • ksu
    , contributor
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    Why not sue US government also for spying the entire world?
    17 Nov 2013, 02:08 AM Reply Like
  • paramdham
    , contributor
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    how does one know if one's mails were peeked into/scanned
    .whether it was used for targeted advertising or not has to be established by whom? i can use 5000,, so can so many of the millions of users!
    17 Nov 2013, 03:20 AM Reply Like
  • bently
    , contributor
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    Something has got to be done with these invasions of privacy. But are these personal emails to non-business addresses or email responses to other ads?


    Not that it makes a difference.
    17 Nov 2013, 09:13 AM Reply Like
  • jimmyhey9
    , contributor
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    Oh give me a break! I bet Google (gmail) has been doing that for the last ten years. If you create an email account on Yahoo!, chances are they have access to your data. Right? They don't need to read the content to scan for keywords, names, etc. that will help. I bet their terms cover their use. This is lame.
    17 Nov 2013, 12:08 PM Reply Like
  • Land of Milk and Honey
    , contributor
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    You are right. Google officially announced that they would be doing this with gmail several years ago. I wondered then, why it didn't make a media splash.


    They said they would be scanning and cataloging all google searches and something about gmail... . It is alluded to in the sign up fine print, though not very specifically. I haven't used them since.


    I've wondered if my internet provider is storing or scanning anything. But if they are... they are so incompetent, they can't do anything nefarious with it. It'd break and go down for days, without a tech in site to fix it.


    I couldn't care less if they scanned for ad targeting. It's what else they might do with scanning or long term storing that concerns me.
    17 Nov 2013, 06:29 PM Reply Like
  • James Althof
    , contributor
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    I hear this dismissive remark from Millennials, Gen x's and Y', all the time.
    But, just because Big Data's presence has accreted on to all of our possessions over the last 20 years, does not make it JUST or , it merely makes it common place. However, everything we think,or do is driven by an energy burning body; which you cannot sell nor can it be taken away from you. It is, in short, your property. Culture CREEp is only noticeable when it happens suddenly, e.g. like if last night Heinz 57 painted you car because they want your ad space, or Google loads its Google Map tower with technology which hacks your WiFi encryption. The Supreme Court, in 1978 reaffirmed our Second Amendment Rights: it guaranteed that "Anything under the sun....that comes from the hand of man, whether of value or is of no sensible value, is his/her propriety right."
    Think about it: 1. you pay a fortune for your Tablet, smart phone, computer, and now every device in your home. 2. you pay for the transmission of anything you do or say or watch on cable,tower,bluetooth. (at this point, these EM wavesshould be your personal space, your property) and 3. then you use your body,mind, actions, which is functioning on >$150.00 of groceries, healthcare, utilities, rent, a month to Move, Think, Create, Mate, Scribe, Shop, drive or walk, socially connect with others and anything else you or your mind creates at the moment. So, if you paid for everything it takes to behave, which when recorded, make data points and provide ad space, to whom does the record of your behavior really belong? ............YOU! You paid for it, you used it, and therefore, all of your behavior belongs to YOU.
    So what! Well, for one thing, someone is making a fortune from using your property. But, more importantly, your future behavior can be predicted for the record of your behavior. Zuckerberg and his buddies were goofing-off when they launched the "Grandmother of all Social Sites: Facebook. Bill Gates was hanging with some of his friends at Xerox, when he saw the first Windows Touch screen and walked out the door to make Billions. Apple did this same tour.....the rest is history. The physicists that made the Atom bomb, hung out for laughs at lunch, published private papers, shared ideas, until the Gov decided a bomb would be a good thing and made them stop using anything that was recreational and hide them at Oak Ridge or Los Alamos. If Big Data had the information on these people that it has on us, predicting their inventions and taking them is like falling off a log. It wont be long before "Our behavior is Our property," will arrive at the supreme court.
    18 Nov 2013, 11:00 AM Reply Like
  • stockroom
    , contributor
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    At $5000 apiece, that would be 1 trillion 375 billion dollars for them to pay out. They don't even have that much money. They might have enough to pay out $50 each but that's about it. Of course you would wipe out Yahoo! doing it.
    17 Nov 2013, 03:59 PM Reply Like
  • paramdham
    , contributor
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    all those who r collecting the data should be equally be made to paytoo
    mr althof above has voiced the grievances of so many silent sufferers
    I await
    11 Dec 2013, 03:49 AM Reply Like
  • James Althof
    , contributor
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    And then there is history, which has repeated itself when it comes to oligopolies, monopolies, and totalitarian requiems. These events always tilt the scales of justice and equality, first by taking control of the population and that is proceed by a massive infrastructure of data collection and spying. I will remind you that Hitler's precursor to the Third Reich was through the creation of The Department of Homeland Security. Seriously, that is what he called it. What Osoma Benlaudin knew about the US is the paranoid core of our military-industrial complex. I just got off a domestic flight....250 people were still removing their shoes, getting full scans producing a detailed picture of their nakedness, throwing away all liquids over 3 oz. emptying their pockets, using only baggage which is precisely sized, paying extra for leg room, having all their electronics scanned and or shut off. Osoma's ghost is on every flight, every airport, every post office, every email (Hi NSA, I hope you are enjoying this blog.)
    This is essentially out of control Search and Seizure. Marketing and big business collects and profiles us for a profit, Big Government encourages and uses it, views it, collects it and run the biggest prison population in the world!!!. Come on! Your existence and all evidence of it is your property. They claim that they have stopped 10 plots of terrorism, which they labeled, they decided, and they and only they have the probable cause information which is Classified Data. Believe it or not, I am a conservative in a crowd with George, Thomas, Abe, Harry, Ike, a bunch who were aggressive personal rights believers. Many of you will discover, invent radically new things: "disruptive technology." you may never profit from it, or even see it make life livable for free, because it takes the brains of a flea to predict your future creative property, if they have your data analytic profile...and they do have it, identity thief is the least important thing that some outsourced data analyzer could steal from you in the future. Snowden did it, so far, we havent caught his colleagues who are doing the same for personal profit. :)
    2 Jan 2014, 01:43 PM Reply Like
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