Boeing 737 crashes in Russia; ANA replaces 787 battery charger

|About: The Boeing Company (BA)|By:, SA News Editor

A Boeing (BA) 737 has crashed at an airport in the central Russian city of Kazan, killing all 50 people on board.

The Tatarstan Airlines jet, which was 23 years old, had been trying to abort its landing when it crashed. The disaster highlights the terrible safety record of Russian regional carriers.

Meanwhile, Japan's All Nippon Airways has had to replace a main battery charger on one of its 787 aircraft after a possible fault was discovered during a routine check. While minor glitches aren't uncommon on planes, any problems with the 787, particularly those with the batteries, have become especially sensitive given the problems earlier this year.

Over at the Dubai Air Show, Boeing International President Shepard Hill said the company doesn't anticipate any more orders for the 777X. Presumably Hill means this week at  the show, but he doesn't say. Boeing launched the next-generation jet yesterday with deals worth a record $95B.