Apple reportedly set to buy gesture recognition sensor firm

|About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)|By:, SA News Editor

Calcalist reports Apple (AAPL) has struck a deal (translation) to acquire PrimeSense, an Israeli gesture recognition tech developer, for $345M. AllThingsD reports the deal, while expected to close by week's end, isn't yet finished. The site adds the price "could be slightly higher than [Calcalist] reported, on the order of $20 million more."

PrimeSense's technology (it includes an SoC, software, and depth-sensing IP)  powers the Xbox's Kinect sensor, but not the second-gen Kinect (bundled with the Xbox One). The company has also a sensor solution (known as Capri) meant for smartphones/tablets and other small-form-factor devices. Thus, PrimeSense's offerings could potentially be used not only in an iTV or next-gen Apple TV, but also in future Macs and iPhones/iPads.

Apple was reported to be interested in PrimeSense back in July. Intel bought fellow Israeli gesture recognition tech firm Omek Interactive around the same time, and Google bought hand gesture recognition software startup Flutter a couple months later. Meanwhile, Samsung has been working on adding gesture-recognition support to both its TVs and mobile devices, and startup Leap Motion has begun selling a PC sensor with modest success.