Facebook leads Web selloff, NYT looks at popularity concerns

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Facebook (FB -3.7%) is headlining a selloff in several fast-growing U.S. Internet names; Twitter, which saw Wunderlich start coverage at Sell this morning, is also a notable decliner.

The NYT has published a column discussing Facebook fatigue among younger users, and discussing the possibility of a future where "where Facebook is no longer the default place on the web where people go to network."

Among other things, the paper highlights Facebook's recent U.S. teen DAU decline, recent survey data, and the rise of Snapchat, which reportedly turned down a $3B+ buyout offer from Facebook.

It also reports some developers have said Facebook made an "unusually aggressive" pitch for their support at a recent event, and were less inclined to to partner with the company as a result. Facebook, aided by its acquisition of popular mobile/Web app development platform Parse, wants to become a de facto platform for consumer Web app development.

The WSJ's Farhad Manjoo argues Facebook doesn't need to be worried about Snapchat's popularity with teens. "Kids are often wrong. There is little evidence to support the idea that the youth have any closer insight on the future than the rest of us do."

Paul Kedrosky: "Don’t track teen tech usage because they’re brilliant tech futurists. Do it because they, unlike adults, over-sample new services."

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