Daiichi Sankyo's edoxaban holds its own in clinical testing

|About: Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. (DSKYF)|By:, SA News Editor

Daiichi Sankyo's (DSKYF) edoxaban again proves comparable to warfarin in late stage clinicals.

In a study of patients with A-fib, 1.5% of those given warfarin experienced a stroke versus 1.18% of those given the highest dose of edoxaban and 1.6% of those given the lower dose.

Bleeding was less common in those given edoxaban.

There were also fewer deaths among edoxaban patients.

Despite the data, some say there isn't enough evidence to warrant wholesale adoption: "The absolute risk reduction is small," a professor at McMaster University’s Department of Medicine tells Bloomberg.

Competitors: PFE and BMY's Eliquis and JNJ's Xarelto.