Yahoo makes Couric deal official

|By:, SA News Editor

Starting in early 2014, Katie Couric will join Yahoo (YHOO -0.6%) as the company's Global Anchor. She'll handle features appearing on Yahoo's homepage, and "lead a growing team of correspondents at Yahoo News who will cover the world’s most interesting stories and newsmakers."

Though Couric will no longer work as an ABC News special correspondent, she'll continue to host her syndicated TV show, Katie, for the broadcast network. Kara Swisher reports Couric's Yahoo material might still appear on ABC News, which has a content partnership with the Web giant.

In a sense, the deal is the polar opposite of the Tumblr acquisition. Whereas Tumblr offers large volumes of user-generated content and depends heavily on younger Web/mobile users for traffic, the Couric deal will bring Yahoo a relatively small volume of professional content from a media stalwart who's very popular with older TV viewers.

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