Document Security Systems continues run, company confirms Apple patent suit

|About: Document Security Systems, Inc (DSS)|By:, SA News Editor

Document Security Systems (DSS) shares are up 7.5% AH, adding to a 27.8% jump during the regular trading day, after the company confirms it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in the Eastern District of Texas (a particularly favorable court for patent plaintiffs).

DSS alleges Apple's MacPro, Mac Mini, iMac, iPhone, IPad, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano lines infringe on 2 patents relating to the use of low power wireless peripheral devices. The patents were acquired by DSS in Q3 2013.

The earlier run may be attributable to SA contributor IP Hawk's article, which broke the news before the company announced it. The author called the lawsuit a "potential sizeable revenue opportunity as the infringing products have generated tens of billions of dollars, which DSS will ask for a piece of."