Twitter makes all-out push for TV ad dollars

|By:, SA News Editor

In the company's latest move to leverage its status as a second screen for millions of TV viewers, Twitter (TWTR) has begun surveying its users about their recent TV viewing activity, presumbaly with the goal of improving ad targeting.

The survey effort comes shortly after Twitter launched a "TV conversion targeting" product that lets advertisers deliver Promoted Tweets to users discussing a particular show.

The company asserts customer acquisition costs are 35% lower "when Promoted Tweets are run alongside TV ads, as opposed to TV ads alone." But as many observers point out, TV ad buys are completely optional.

Earlier this year, Twitter launched a TV ad targeting product more directly tied to TV campaigns. The company also launched Amplify, a platform that allows broadcasters and content owners to promote tweets with embedded video clips (ads included) that are linked to TV broadcasts. Partners include CBS, the MLB, the NFL, Conde Nast, and the Discovery channel.