IBM, PayPal report strong mobile e-commerce growth on Thanksgiving

|By:, SA News Editor

IBM estimates mobile devices accounted for 25.8% of U.S. Thanksgiving e-commerce sales (up 49% Y/Y), and have accounted for 21.5% of Black Friday e-commerce sales thus far.

Given mobile accounted for an even larger share of e-commerce traffic (42.6% and 37%, respectively), its conversation rates still notably lag PC levels. But the weakness entirely lies with smartphones (9% of Thanksgiving sales vs. 26.6% of traffic) rather than tablets (16.5% vs. 15.3%).

Google (GOOG -0.3%), which has been trying to strengthen its tablet search ad prices via Enhanced Campaigns (requires joint PC/tablet ad campaigns), is probably happy to see that.

On the other hand, Google is probably less happy to see that Android accounted for only 12% of of e-commerce traffic and 4.6% of sales, compared with 30% and 21% for iOS (AAPL). Monetization figures such as those are a key reason why many developers still write for iOS first, in spite of Android's burgeoning market share lead.

Meanwhile, PayPal (EBAY +2.7%) says its mobile payment volumes rose 114.7% Y/Y on Thanksgiving, and that mobile shopping activity rose 91%. The online payments giant has already predicted its 2013 mobile payments will reach $20B, up from a 2012 level of $14B.