Report: "Premium" Galaxy S5 to feature curved display, metal case

|By:, SA News Editor

South Korea's ET News reports (translation) a "premium" version of Samsung's (SSNLF, SSNGY) Galaxy S5 will feature a 5" curved display and a metal case, while a standard model will have a flat display and plastic case. Initial production volumes for the S5 are reportedly set for January, but mass production won't start until February-March.

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Round, a phone with a curved 5.7" display, in limited volumes. The electronics giant argues curved displays are more durable, offer better viewing angles, and (for large phones) are easier to grip than flat ones.

The S5 is also said to feature an ultra high-res display (previous), a 64-bit ARM CPU (Apple just put one into the iPhone 5S), a 16MP camera, 3GB of RAM, and (take this one with a grain of salt) a massive 4,000 mAh battery.

S4 component suppliers that could benefit from an early S5 launch include Synaptics (SYNA), Universal Display (OLED - would also benefit from a higher-res screen), Anadigics (ANAD), and RF Micro (RFMD).

S4 sales started off strong, but failed to meet lofty expectations due to a demand shift towards cheaper Android phones. The S5 will face competition from a slew of Chinese firms offering Android phones with high-end specs and mid-range pricing.