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Big ADP print sends 10-year yield up to 2.84%

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  • As the yields go up, the chances of taper go down.


    Yellen will protect the home buyers at all cost.


    (Not to mention the cash needed to service $17 trillion in debt.)
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  • Agreed. I doubt the 10-year will go much above 3% for a long time, we still have a huge debt overhang in the public and private sectors.
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  • No need to taper on treasuries, just got to get the deficit down with growth and some discipline in wash.
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  • I think yields are going up in anticipation of a taper, as more jobs = improving economy = taper.
    however, I believe the employment numbers are probably skewed strongly towards part timers getting jobs = not strong employment numbers.
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  • I discussed here,

    that FED slowing purchase of MBS, may come before tapering.


    Yellen has no fear of inflation as long as jobs are being created.
    PBOC will force fed to keep buying at the long end.
    GDP expansion next year reduces debt ratio.
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  • Fed stated over and over nothing will be changed until unemployment hits 6.5%, what don't you all understand. Its hilarious you refuse to accept what they are telling you. There was no surprise last time they said no taper because none of their conditions were ever met.
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  • The 6.5% unemployment rate was a condition for raising interest rates, not tapering.
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  • I did not say they would taper, I said they would change the focus of where they were allocating assets. Mainly to increase employment, to get unemployment below 6.5%, so that we have an outside chance of seeing tapering sometime this decade.


    Did you read the article I linked to, or are you just going off of my comment above?
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  • So much for the ACA costing us jobs, looks like its helping to create more jobs. Right wingers wrong again.
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  • Please provide proof that the ACA is helping to create jobs.
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  • Use google.
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  • I don't have to "use Google" because I know that it isn't true.


    If it were true then Obamacare supporters wouldn't hesitate to provide proof to rub it in the faces of reasonable objectors.

  proof = empty assertion.


    If I am wrong then...provide proof.
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  • Well that was an exercise in talking to liberals. You see how facts don't mean anything to them? Seriously, how in the heck is the ACA creating jobs?
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  • Lol, wow. Just throw out a lie and hope people will believe you? So, I am guessing you have signed up for insurance on, mind letting us know what your premium is? Very curious to know how such an advocate of the UACA can possibly be so enthusiastic about the biggest failure in government history.
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  • Wait till people are actually paying those premiums out of their own pockets, then see how the restaurant sector is doing.
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  • I think he meant that ACA is causing people to "use Google" to search for benefits of the ACA. This increases Google's profits and allows Google to hire more people. Its the circle of Google.
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  • I think this discussion about the ACA is asinine to begin with. The ACA has NOT been around long enough to make any sort of impact (negative or positive) on the economy or healthcare as a whole. Please stop the insane bickering about how it's doing harm or it's lower the cost of healthcare. We won't know until 5 to 10 years down the road what effects it will have!
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  • ACA will add to GDP next year.



    It is also deflationary, in the same way a tax is.
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  • Please provide a link showing ACA created MORE jobs, as you suggest. November shows more jobs historically. I could not Google it (and find your assertion), as you suggest. I could however find fact, and it does NOT show your assertions. Again, please validate your assertions.

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  • PoF, If people actually buy into Obamacare (unlikely) it will move consumer spending from discretionary goods to health insurance. If that happens, the economy will crash. 70% of the US economy is driven by consumer spending; remove that and see what happens to the GDP number.
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  • November 2012 275000 jobs this November 215000 jobs mission accomplished
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  • Would take the ACA over Bush trashing the economy in a heartbeat. Nice to have a job!!
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  • Wow over 200k, but unfortunately we must have 250k for 10 consecutive quarters in order to be a recovery. UACA has not affected businesses because the democrats keep delaying it so they can keep lying about it for their re-election campaigns. Does anyone think Obama would have been re-elected if the UACA was being enacted today was a year ago? No way.
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  • The 4 week average for initial claims has been running over 300,000 for a long time although the trend is improving. I think there needs to be more jobs created than lost for it to be a true recovery.
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  • Guess we won't be seeing 1800 again for a little while... Perhaps 1700 before 1800?
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  • If the BLS numbers are equal or better, the Unemployment rate should go up, because more people will have gone back into the labor force.
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  • ACA will not impact my company much.


    I have about 1200 employees and a self funded healthplan which qualifies under the rules.


    When the time comes we wil simply dump coverage for all but the executives and push the rest to the exchanges. Paying the fine will be cheaper for us. We will actually save a lot of money. It will work very well for us but not so well for many of the employees. It is ironic then that many of our people will be hurt even while they supported Obama.


    Most of you will probably experience this. Within 3 to 4 years most of you will be on the exchanges buying whatever Medicaid like product you an from a multitude of tiny little plans. I am in healthcare and I know of numerous people trying their luck to create products to put onto these exchanges.


    That is the goal of the policy. I have no clue why healthplans acutally supported this. If/when the commercial market shrinks by 50% and all go to these exchange products offered by many tiny little plans - I doubt the cost picture get's better nor do insurers like United have much if any advantage. You heard it here first.


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  • Word.....
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  • There is only one possible outcome for ACA: employers will push more health care costs onto employees, one way or the other. It is already happening, and it will accelerate in 2014. There are a lot of people who take their employer-provided insurance for granted who are in for a rude awakening. It's coming.
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  • This won't last its going to implode on itself.


    First, they depend on 18-35 year olds to foot the bill, however half of them are allowed to stay on mommies plan till 26. Poof, there goes half the income needed to support the new 200 million Medicaid enrollees.


    Second, since part time will become a way of life, most will opt out paying the fine for at least 3 years because the cost of the few tales 3 years to become slightly cost prohibitive. $94-300/yr vs. $500/mo. Which so you think they will choose, of course the path of least resistance.


    Third, the weight of the system will be so lopsided because a vast majority of the system will be full of sick and elderly with no one supporting them. Eventually it will topple over on itself. Even the most asinine of analysts could've seen this, so how is it that its not by design? If its not by design, the only logical conclusion is it was by design to meet an end, but to what? Perhaps single payer.
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  • paying the fine the first year and MAYBE the 2nd year. But unless insurance skyrockets then it will be cheaper for me to buy insurance than pay the fine on the third year. If I was a low income earner I'd just go on paying the fine.
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  • Of course it was designed to create an outcry for single payer.
    Use Google to find Obama stating as such prior to election.
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  • It's not a fine, it's a tax.
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  • As I point out in comment above ACA has many properties that are similar to taxation.
    However it will also expand GDP next year which reduces the debt ratio.


    If the FED does anything to reduce spending, it will be in the MBS look at the housing numbers.


    The ACA will help to mop up some of the inflation created by QE3 part2.
    Rocky road in 2014


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  • PoF, most of the money the Fed has ‘printed’ is still parked at the Federal Reserve. While that may help prop up bank balance sheets, it has done very little to stimulate the economy. MBS purchases have helped and why would you expect the Fed to hit the brakes on the only thing that is helping the economy? MBS will be the last thing touched.


    The only way Obamacare will help GDP is if people quit paying for insurance, pay the $95 fine and use the difference on discretionary spending. Simply sending more money to the most inefficient organization on the planet, the Federal Government, will make things worse. The US has a consumer driven economy, not a government driven economy.
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  • You dont have to tell me, tell Yellen she is very much of the New Deal ilk. If congress does nothing ( which is likely) in 2014 and the stalemate persists after the mid terms she will act under the Fed Mandate.
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  • More on our bond bubble:
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  • To Jake: Obama Care jobs r service jobs: flipping bugers, finding charts at the PCP's pffice, baby sitting, parking cars......and yes, wiping butts. When was the las time u saw a Riley Cooper [the Eagle's receiver, not the movie star, although both r darling] look alike at your doctor's office saying, " Sir, could I take a look at your insurance card?" Never!!! These r all very low skilled and low paying jobs. That does not make it right, that they r so low paid, but they r not MAKING or PRODUCING anything. The only way to make $$$ in low level health care [ie: not MD] = how to not spend money. Any one who can work for an entity such as an insurance company or as a "navigator" for a hospital, no offence to all the clin specs out there, is : how much money do you NOT spend? [for the powers that be]. It is sort of inverse capitalism. Bottom line, ACA provides all sorts of jobs, but they r real stinkers. Seriously. mnl
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  • Typing out 'are' will not make your computer explode.... Just in case that's what you were worried about.
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  • Did you dictate this through Siri?
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  • More people needed to take burger orders.One person to take order,two to correct original mistaken order,three to fix order,and one assistant manager to apologize at the end.Seven jobs created so Liesman can report good numbers on CNBC.Mission accomplished!
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