Topsy seen improving iOS search; Twitter reportedly mulled acquisition

|By:, SA News Editor

As analysts and pundits mull Apple's (AAPL -0.6%) surprising purchase of Twitter analytics startup Topsy, plenty of attention has been given to Topsy's advanced search tools, which many consider to be better than Twitter's (TWTR +5%) on-site search capabilities.

Azeem Azhar, the founder of fellow social analytics firm PeerIndex, thinks Topsy could end up acting as "the search layer for iOS," indexing both social media content and "the best bits of the Web that power Siri and Apple Maps." He points out doing so would reduce (but not eliminate) Apple's dependence on Google.

TechCrunch, meanwhile, thinks Topsy's search tech and ability to gauge consumer sentiment could improve the quality of the App Store and iTunes' search and recommendation engines. And Gene Munster sees Topsy potentially improving Siri and Maps by integrating data related to current events and trending topics.

Separately, AllThingsD reports Twitter, which is rallying today along with other Internet momentum names, considered buying Topsy on multiple occasions, out of interest in its search tools. But the microblogging giant ultimately held off, something sources think stems from Twitter's belief it could build some of Topsy's tools on its own.