Broadcom launches Bluetooth SoC with wireless charging support

|About: Broadcom Limited (AVGO)|By:, SA News Editor

Looking to profit from the nascent wearable computing market and stay a step ahead of Bluetooth chip rivals, Broadcom (BRCM -0.1%) has unveiled a Bluetooth SoC that both supports the low-power Bluetooth Smart standard and (more interestingly) has built-in wireless charging support. (PR)

The SoC, called the BCM20736, supports wireless charging via the A4WP standard. It also contains a low-power ARM Cortex-M3 CPU core (often found in microcontrollers).

Rival Qualcomm recently launched its Toq smartwatch, which contains a Bluetooth Smart chip (presumably its own) and wireless charging support. Meanwhile, Samsung (a major buyer of Broadcom's Bluetooth/Wi-Fi combo chips) acquired U.K.-based CSR's Bluetooth chip ops last year, and Apple, widely reported to be working on an iWatch, recently bought low-power Bluetooth chipmaker Passif Semi.