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Apple, China Mobile sign iPhone deal: WSJ

  • Apple (AAPL) and China Mobile (CHL) have finally inked an iPhone deal, WSJ reports.
  • Apple will now have access to the carrier's 700M subscribers — that's "seven times the size" of Verizon's base, MarketWatch notes.
  • Rollout is expected this month.
  • See also: Chinese 4G licenses handed out, services to start soon
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  • Yeah baby!
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  • From the WSJ


    China Mobile Ltd. 0941.HK +0.71% has signed a long-awaited deal with Apple Inc. AAPL -0.23% to offer iPhones on its network, a person familiar with the situation said, an arrangement that would give the U.S. technology giant a big boost in the world's largest mobile market.


    Enlarge Image


    A deal with China Mobile would give Apple access to a subscriber base that is seven times the size of Verizon Wireless, the U.S.'s largest carrier. Bloomberg


    The rollout of iPhones on the world's largest mobile carrier by users, with over 700 million subscribers, is expected to start later this month, around the time of a Dec. 18 China Mobile conference in Guangzhou, according to two people familiar with the carrier's plans. China Mobile is one of the world's last major carriers that doesn't offer the iPhone.


    At the Dec. 18 event, China Mobile plans to unveil a brand for its fourth-generation, or 4G, network. China Mobile executives have said they would only begin to sell the iPhone after introducing 4G services. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said Wednesday it gave licenses to China Mobile and its smaller rivals to operate the higher-speed mobile networks, clearing one of the last hurdles.


    An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.


    A deal with China Mobile would give Apple access to a subscriber base that is seven times the size of Verizon Wireless, the U.S.'s largest carrier. Greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, is Apple's third biggest market after the U.S. and Europe in terms of revenue.


    But Apple has struggled to gain market share in China in smartphones amid competition from lower-cost rivals. The Chinese market presents a major growth opportunity for Apple at a time when its revenue growth has slowed in the U.S.


    Research firm Trefis said China Mobile may sell about 1.5 million iPhones per month, racking up almost 20 million additional iPhone activations in 2014. An additional 20 million iPhones would represent a 17% increase from Apple's unit sales of handsets in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 28.


    China Mobile has been in talks with Apple to offer iPhones for several years. But Apple had been reluctant to bring the iPhone to the carrier's unique and relatively unreliable 3G network. In addition, China Mobile had bristled at Apple's insistence on sales volume guarantees.


    The Journal reported in September that Apple was preparing to ship its new iPhone 5S and 5C models to China Mobile in a sign that the two sides were moving closer to an agreement.


    Using different 3G technology, smaller rival China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd. has offered iPhones since 2009 and China Telecom Corp. began selling iPhones in 2012. But their subscriber bases are smaller than China Mobile's. About a quarter of China Mobile's subscribers are on its 3G network with the rest still on an older second-generation network.


    Analysts said Apple has become more eager to tap into China Mobile's big pool of potential iPhone buyers to keep pace with global handset leader Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE -0.14%


    According to market researcher Gartner, Samsung shipped 32.1% of smartphones world-wide in the third quarter, unchanged from a year earlier. In the same period, Apple's market share fell to 12.1% from 14.3%. Apple's share is expected to grow in the fourth quarter because of the introduction of its new iPhones in mid-September.


    Samsung is also the largest smartphone vendor in China, with a 21% market share in the third quarter, compared with Apple's 6% share, according to research firm Canalys.


    Mizuho Securities analyst Marvin Lo said China is a very attractive market to handset makers as its smartphone penetration is lower than places like the U.S.


    Mr. Lo said China Mobile has the country's wealthiest subscriber base. He estimated that at least 10% of China Mobile's subscribers would be potential iPhone customers.
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  • It's all about the terms. This deal has been negotiated for a while and China Mobile may have been able to negotiate a great deal.
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  • If the past is a predictor of the future Apple doesn't cut "great deals". They don't need to.
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  • I guess Honhai was cranking out 300,000 phones a day for a reason....Really for real.....not a rumor...uncorking the bubbly!!!!
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  • Scott, shoot some of that bubbly my way, let's toast MB and his buddies, their shorting days, no doubt have been postponed earlier than anticipated!
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  • "If the past is a predictor of the future Apple doesn't cut "great deals". They don't need to."


    That was awhile ago during the Jobs era. Plus there was a lot less choice in smartphones. I doubt the current era will be as kind to them
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  • >> Plus there was a lot less choice in smartphones. <<


    DoCoMo tried saying this for years. There are "Lots of iPhone alternatives". Then they ignited the king of iPhone price wars in Japan when they finally got the iPhone.


    It's also worth noting China Mobile's stock price went up when this was announced as well. CHL investors know the score, they need Apple as much as Apple needs them.
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  • At last MB and his buddies cracked the bottle! Ha Ha Ha..........
    I lost my patience and eager to read his killing bearish comments on AAPL and sooo friendly heavenly praising for Sammybuddy!
    End 2013 AAPL $600 and 2014 after Iphone 6 +128 GB, I TV, Ipad Pro 12,5 inches + touch ID and I Watch, AAPL would soar to $1000?
    Today premarket high $575,68. What's up MB?
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  • Yes I'm an Apple bull, I admit it, and I have good reason, they make the best products in the world!
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  • i read some estimated numbers somewhere of how much this should add to the eps on AAPL in next quarter. Does anyone remember what they were ?
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  • I think the estimate I saw was that the deal would conservatively be worth between $3.00 - $4.00 in EPS, and that assumed 2% penetration of the China Mobile subscriber base (That's about 14M units).


    If 10% of the China mobile subscriber base really are potential iPhone customers, as Mr. Lo said, then that assumes 20% capture of that niche... Which doesn't sound like much of a stretch.


    If those estimates are generally accepted as the EPS impact, then I don't see how this news was fully priced into the stock... Even though it's been "expected" for what seems like forever.
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  • Research firm, Trefis quoted that Apple may 20 million iPhones in the first year.
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  • Research firm Trefis says the deal with the carrier may result in the sale of an additional 20 million iPhones in 2014, a 17% increase from the year before.

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  • Until the board of directors decide to leverage the company, the PE will not change. The pendulum has swung to stupid. Change is appropriate with the board and CFO, who was born during the depression
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  • Give me a break. If you are 50 you might be older than him.
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  • lol
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  • Should be an entertaining adventure for shareholders. Enjoy the ride.
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  • Michael, are you ok. Is there anything I can do for you. You have been in the bathroom to long. I'm going to call 911 if you don't come out soon. I'm really worried. Just say something! Michael, say something. I think he might have...............sta... to cry. Poor Michael, Oh Michael, please say something, Pleassssse say anything. I'm calling 911.
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  • He's in the liu and doesn't want to be bothered. On a separate note, does anyone have a clean pair of shorts for Mr. Blair?
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  • Michael Blair must make money taking a contrarian view.
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  • Michael was hoping the z 30 was going to be the most adopted phone in China or was that Ubugastan.....
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  • Apple is clearly hitting on all cylinders.


    iPad 5S is a home run. iPad Air is a home run. Retail stores continue to grow. Mac holds its own while PCs shrink. App store on its own is a massive business. They bought back $40 billion of shares at market lows - and the stock is on a steady, upward trajectory.


    Customers are rich, loyal and ready to buy pretty much anything Apple thinks is worth of producing.


    The danger is the Blackberry problem - arrogance and smugness and failure to see the road ahead. But Apple, at least so far, seems to get it in a way that BlackBerry still doesn't.


    Lots of naysayers on Apple in India - but they're selling everything they make. China Mobile has huge amount of market clout and doesn't NEED to offer iPhone but is doing so. Which means they believe there is a lucrative market.


    Apple is looking more and more like IBM in the 1950s. Lots of growth ahead. Lots of possibility. The products don't matter as much as the system does.
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  • It'll be interesting to see how the stock reacts tomorrow. It's been known for a while and been noted by several analysts that the deal was coming so it will be interesting to see if the deal is already priced into the stock or not. I'm hoping for a good pop tomorrow, but you never know!


    Long AAPL!
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  • I think this has been known for quite while already, Apple made effort to build special version of iPhone havin China Mobile 3G standard and needed 4g frequencies. Doing that is quite an effort that would not make money without closing the deal. Still good to get confirmation so small pop can be expected
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  • Tmoney........ a minimum of ten points more like twenty though IMHO...
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  • Considering APPL's history, it might be mostly priced in. But it honestly should not be seeing as their PE is roughly 14. This deal brings a HUGE boost to the already greatest profit-making product of our generation.
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  • We could take a poll......winner of the amount gets a Honorable SJ award...
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  • I think the price has been built in in this last rally. The stock will go down on the good news as profit takers will kill all the small fish who enter today. Good entry point would be 555, the 500 b market cap support. The china deal has been priced in. But what is interesting is that volume and contribution margin will increase, we will see growth and that is work 650-700 USD in 2014.
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  • I disagree. We're up over $10 pre-market.


    The momentum players are just joining the party. Cramer just upped Apple recently and the analysts have only just started the scramble to upgrade. We're going to see at least a few more days of action out of this and then likely some window dressing from the hedge funds and mutual funds will help finish off the year.


    After year end... I think it all depends on Q1 results and earnings estimates for Q2.
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  • yeah I see the $10 up tick
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  • I said that in my comment it will go up clearly how else are the moms and pops going to get seduced into entering a very oversold apple. I think 585-595 this week and then boom 8-10% before it runs up again.
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  • tmoney094, GO BLUE!!
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  • Now it is still rumor.....wsj reports it is a fact cm denies ...until apple announces it is all bs..
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  • CM and AAPL are going to come to an agreement on when and who announces it. I wouldn't be surprised if CM wants first dibs on announcing it on the 18th. Apple is likely perfectly fine with that.
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  • Does anyone know how many retail locations China Mobile has? My spy in Hong Kong can't seem to get pass the casinos.
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  • I also like that it will free propaganda on CNBC tomorrow. Mondays headlines were talked about every segment that day and stock had great day.
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  • The news came 14 days early. Should make a difference since they are talking shipping in December
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  • Finaly .......the jackpot !
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  • Looking Backwards:


    In 2012 Apple was trading at $546 and this article argues a China Mobile deal will add $5to Apple Shares - around $590


    They were expecting and hoping it would happen with the Iphone 5 and it disappointed.


    This year, now, we have the news. So that may be a reasonable, conservative estimate.

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  • Markets can be very irrational in the short term. Aapl may drop tomorrow. However all the dominoes fall into place and they meet expectations....china mobile, china mobile deal itself, sales with china mobile, new product, new service, impressive iphone 6 design......1000 could be reached in 2014. This could happen regardless of if the market itself stalls or pulls back some. Because aapl is undervalued now, and grossly undervalued if the dominoes fall.
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  • They may be irrational but I hardly ever see a stock drop after a significant new contract is signed.


    AAPL up premarket...
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  • Darnit!
    I wanted AAPL to stay down around $500 or less for a year or so, I want more free shares from the dividends!
    I know eventually AAPL will be over $700 again, but I am not in any hurry.
    Oh well, I'll take the good with the bad I guess :)
    5 Dec 2013, 12:46 AM Reply Like
  • It will be over $700 sooner than you think!
    5 Dec 2013, 08:26 AM Reply Like
  • "It will be over $700 sooner than you think!"


    Not with buybacks and a dividend alone. Needs a new product category.
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  • Wow! I just woke up and read the news. This is what I call a good way to start the day :)


    I feel a bit like Raffi in Conan's video, except I say: China. China. China. :D
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  • Apple could be rationally valued at $1000 and trade at $200. It could be rationally valued at $200 and trade at $1000 depending on the wave of trading sentiment, frenzies, fear, or hope.


    It could be valued at more - Tim Cook has twice been quoted as suggesting new products for 2014. It's possible it's a completely new product which will create a new revenue stream. Then the partnerships with China to push other products...
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  • Long awaited news. This happened very late in the day, after the AH trading session. I don't consider this news to be fully priced in yet, so it will be interesting to see how it opens tomorrow.
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  • Can not imagine anybody selling their Apple stock at opening tomorrow. Icahn, China, And robot story all positives.
    The news date was December 18th
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  • You got one who is shorting the stock, Michael Blah-er
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  • The stock has been rising relentlessly without attracting much volume.
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  • That is why Apple isn't a one trick pony. They aren't Blackberry or Palm. They sell computers. They sell laptops. They sell Ipods, Iphones, tablets, Apple Tv (which is picking up speed - 13 million sold, half in the last year). They will also sell something else. And then something else. Their jobs aren't always even the most lucrative, but attract some of the most brilliant minds in technology and are coveted.


    Then there's the ecosystem, the software, Apps, music, movies and possible future media revenues.


    I nearly sold some Apple last month for some Google. What made me much more attracted to Google was the fact that they are not only the most valuable advertising company, they are also one of the biggest collectors of data.


    In this economy and in the economy of the future, data is key. It was primarily done with advertising and research companies. But research companies are being dominated by big number crunching companies like Google analytics.


    I'm glad I didn't. I was pleasantly surprised the other day when they purchased Topsy.


    Topsy is VITAL to Apple staying cutting edge. Topsy isn't just a Twitter analytics company. That demeans it by suggesting it only looks to collect data to sell and target for advertising.


    What I've come to discover is that DATA IS A VALUABLE ASSET, not just for advertising; it's used everywhere.


    Up through the political process, number crunching and data is valuable to elections. So it is becomes an asset to power structures.


    In the stock market, data and data crunching is essential to finding the flow of the market. Predicting profits, future earnings, how many iphones to make so you don't have too many left over when the six comes out, how many phones are sold in China the fist year China Mobile sells it, etc. This helps (whether accurate or not) investors decide on the value of a company. Our very market depends on data and analytics.


    In business and manufacturing, places like Amazon, Target, Walmart, even smaller businesses, all rely on data to help with purchase orders, to help predict customer trends and demographics.
    In manufacturing, figuring supply and demand, analyzing trends, etc.


    Data is becoming more and more of an asset and will become a more valuable commodity, in my opinion. Because data drives sales and data drives the economy. When Apple gets better data, they can sell more expensive ads. With Itunes Radio all over the world, they can make a ton of money.


    They will sell more expensive ads than anyone else. Why? Because they have data to prove that people who use Apple products spend more money. The Walstreet Journal reported that Orbitz was charging more to Mac users.


    Some people said, “That’s not fair!”. It wasn’t about fairness. Apple’s advertising is far more valuable because Apple’s users spend more. It’s simple economics..


    Just look at what happened this holiday. The IOS users spent 4.5 times more than Andriod users. Even 40% of tablets bought were purchased by Android devices! These are real numbers that you can look up.


    And we come full circles. Numbers and data is big business. And now with China, they are doing everything possible to grow as a company. Some people give stocks like Amazon or Pandora alllllll the patience they need to one day grow. Apple has grown and is growing. Can’t we give it a few years between products???


    That said, Apple is likely to go up tomorrow and then it will be very volatile. So if it’s options that you play, it could be risky. But long term, Apple is on very solid footing.


    I’m glad this is a record. I think Apple will be past it’s highs by Jan 2015. Tim Cook has hinted at new products and they buy the company who sold the Kinnect. Steve Jobs’ biographer claimed jobs “cracked” how to revolutionize entertainment interface.


    Perhaps it’s unrelated, but it’s tantalizing and I have faith that some of the brightest minds in the world are working very hard. It is those who leave who often go to make money or slow down the hard and heavy pace they set at Apple who go to startups and to make money. Very few truly go and create something visionary on their own. The brightest minds are there. And if some leave, others will eventually come.


    There is not one person who makes a product like this. If everyone here thinks Steve Jobs did it or had every say, or didn’t fail many times before getting things right, they are delusional about the process, which is what it is.


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  • Cheers! Fasten seatbelt!
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  • Furthermore, the extra data from Topsy will help with making a smoother user experience in Genius and Itunes Radio, another GIANT potential revenue steam so that the radio and its perfectly selected and expensive targeted adds can make some more money.


    Look, if you read the short book on Amazon about Steve Cook, what you'll find is that he is an operations genius. Maybe they wish someone cooler (like Elon Musk!) could present at launches, and someone to put pressure on them like Jobs, but they look Cook and he turned the company around.


    Coming to Apple in 1997, he would take a $1 billion negative company into the black. He realized they had products sitting in warehouses and realized, because they have brilliant people, thousands of them, working at Apple, the technology should go from the assembly line to the consumer with as little time in between as possible.


    He is probably one of the most brilliant businessmen he has today. He is not out there making the products. He leaves that to the new bright minds. That is another criticism. They want Steve Jobs. But there will be a future innovator who can come along and go beyond Jobs' vision, and Apple is one of the likeliest ones to recruit him or her.


    Some hedge fund managers were in their 40's when they learned to use a computer. The world is rapidly changing. I'm not sure the rules they learned when they went to business school necessarily apply.


    For example, as an investor, you would want Tim Cook to be the guy running things. It's possible someone as brilliant and passionate (unlikely, but possible) lose a lot of money chasing some overly large vision (something I think Amazon is, by the way. Every stock has a sweet spot. How much will they have to lose and pump in before people give up on them, get tired of waiting, and start a wave downward for the stock. Tim Cook is a Savvy businessman who was hand picked by Steve, worked with Steve, but who is just different. Different is not always bad. Isn't apple's slogan "Think Different"? Who else could they have put in to keep things moving towards their own vision after Steve Jobs? You couldn't replace him. But Cook has done a very smart job handling things and is doing a great job for the company and for their profitability.


    THAT is the problem. People want a cool and hip Steve Jobs, but what analysts and investors should want is someone doing a great job. You don't want to continue that cool, hipster brand recognition with a company that has sold hundreds and millions of phones. They are not small. They are not necessarily hip. And those who want them to stay hip for the sake of being hip are nice and all, and I admire them, but that is not good for business.


    If Apple was a niche brand, like it once was, and did commercials like we remember from the Original Ipods (how many hedge fund managers actually owned the first Ipod? I had it. But how much do they know about this company?), they wouldn’t be selling so many phones and making so much money. They aren’t hip, they are global and for the masses. They are the biggest business in the world.


    Why would hedge fund managers want things to run in a hipster direction? Why would they want things to be so creative and cool? That’s not actually good for revenue stream.
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  • Confucius say, "Apple to be next BoA."
    5 Dec 2013, 08:17 AM Reply Like
  • Again, I have nothing to do with the ebook, but I have a curious mind and was Googling to see if there were books on Elon Musk and Tim Cook because I realized I didn’t know much about the guys running the companies. That was the only available book. And the title’s theoretical question makes it seem like he is bad for the company.


    When you read the short book you’re expecting to read all the reasons why Tim Cook will ruin Apple
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  • To Tim I say, "Apple to be the next BoA."----Confucius.
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  • Prepare for stock punishment!


    APPL is incredibly contrary. Tomorrow may see a vast amount of stock change hands as the "folks that knew it all along" dump their shares on the long-awaited CHL news....and short! Didn't that just happen when the phones we are talking about here--the 5S and 5C--which are now poised to take over the largest potential market on earth, were introduced??? Check out the charts.


    If we do get a sell-off, then maybe new money comes in to take up the slack, and we build a whole new crowd of investor positivists, while the Blair, Trainer (price target 240) and their cohorts take gas.


    I've hung around since the the late 90's--enough to see incredibly capricious AAPL stock behavior--and more often than not, especially lately, good news is bad, and time to dump. But really--if you had the chance at 385, had the cash, and didn't get aboard--you missed a 47% move! Could we see that kind of move from here? You bet, but carefully!


    My fear? That this has come all tooooo fast--we haven't had time to savor this blow-out quarter yet! Still digesting Icahn's latest stunt, too.


    Would have been better to have this come out at the next "swoon opportunity"--like next May. Oh well, maybe they will launch some other initiative by then.


    Just fasten your seatbelt, as you would for any carnival ride, and eat lightly. I love rocket rides--just hate crash landings. Slow and steady is usually best.
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  • I agree what can happen is that all the hedge funds who got out of apple will come back after the sell off. I am waiting for a hammer after some crazy selling.
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  • A sell-off tomorrow is better than a sell-off on the 18th. I'm glad the news came out earlier.
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  • I think it may touch $590 ~ $600 zone real soon and then quickly pull back to $560. But lets see, this is just a guess like everyone else.


    Anything can happen...
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  • up, down, today, doesnt matter. its a guaranteed up in 2014. just wait for all the crazy supply demand stories now. aapl is a now a growth stock, value stock, and now a story stock too...with a div and a buyback...and no true sellers. icahn called it a no brainer weeks ago- its indescribably good now.
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  • Thanka WSJ...Stick to just reporting something without your commentary...


    "A deal with China Mobile would give Apple access to a subscriber base that is seven times the size of Verizon Wireless, the U.S.'s largest carrier. .......But Apple has struggled to gain market share in China in smartphones amid competition from lower-cost rivals"


    What do you mean BUT? There is no BUT. That problem is now over with this deal, and was never a problem to begin with.
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  • Apple get ready to get out. IT will go up, obviously towards 5885 or 595 but then.


    This is awesome for all the apple fans a 700 million subscriber base getting prepped for Apple everywhere, even more exciting 4g roll out in China, the market makers have been anticipating this move since 3 months starting September and the stock has climbed 30% 575 USD as of this writing.


    Please tell me what more upside can be reached? If One does not already own apple shares then dont buy them now because the big boys are going to take profits. Today,tomorrow the stock might move another 2.79 or 4.56% but after that expect a nice correction back to support at 555/544/512 worst case after which 625 USD would be possible if not 700 USD.


    The stock is already trading outside its boilinger band so one last blow off, a big splurge, volume rises, so exciting and then whoosh a tsunami of big boys selling and a new wave army of hedge funds enter to take positions. Personally, if apple falls to 545 I would buy long term, nice dividend, share buyback, ICAHN pressure etc.
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  • Here is what is amazing: Apple, this morning, is still less than a PE of 10 (cash adjusted) for this FY, assuming CHL pushes EPS to a very conservative $46/sh. I expect close to $50. Apple would be over $1000 this morning if it simply carried the same PE as the NSDQ 100! It would be right at $1000 if it had the same PE as the S&P 500 or any of the major averages. If it had Google's PE it would be ~$1500 (all cash adjusted). Apple is a shocking bargain right now at these ridiculously cheap levels, and rotation will likely drive it much higher. The next big catalyst, after CHL is priced in, is that they will likely have to raise guidance this month!! GLTA.
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  • China Mobile Denied About Deal With Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)


    On Wednesday in afterhours, many news agencies ha confirmed about the deal of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and China Mobile Ltd. (ADR) (NYSE:CHL). World’s biggest wireless operator, China Mobile Ltd. (ADR) (NYSE:CHL) said on Thursday, that it is still negotiating with US technology giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) over offering iPhones on its huge network and that a deal has yet to be reached.


    While revealing about the dael, the Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources as saying that the two companies have inked an agreement, to add iPhones to the colossal telecom firm’s roster of compatible devices later this month on December 18.


    But China Mobile (CHL) that has more than 700 million subscribers, has denied all these news reports. China Mobile’s spokeswoman Rainie Lei told AFP “Talks between China Mobile and Apple on cooperation are still going on and we currently do not have anything to announce,”


    Today, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares rose 1.64%, to $574.20 in early trading.

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  • HAHA! 21% return so far. I am now expecting 50% return


    Don't listen to APPL hater , I have seen too many they are just envious because they got none.


    I expect APPL to hit $700 level by next Q1
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  • Who are these clowns that say..."I think Apple's going to hit $600 then fall back to XXX per share"....enter your own figure here. Really????
    Even the analysts can't predict those numbers.


    AAPL longs should be very careful who they listen to.
    5 Dec 2013, 11:55 AM Reply Like
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