Heard during AMC Networks' presentation at a media conference

|About: AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX)|By:, SA News Editor

AMC Networks (AMCX -1%) sees getting a continued lift from VOD and streaming if it can continue to deliver strong content. Execs note the company's strong track record - it now has 4 of the top 10 critically acclaimed shows by one industry publication - which it sees continuing.

Can the push to original programming continue as consumer reach the point of over-saturation? AMC execs think technology will continue to serve the company's business model as shows like Breaking Bad can get a late lift even if early rating suffer.

The company says it has a conservative approach to backing new shows, but notes SVOD and international gives it a safety net to recapture investments if it misfires.

On licensing vs. development, the bias is toward quality not one track or the other.

Movies will be a less significant part of AMC's business in the future.

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