Xbox One sales top 2M; Microsoft may go ahead with Android project

|By:, SA News Editor

Eight days after Sony (SNE) announced it had sold 2.1M+ PlayStation 4 units since its Nov. 15 launch, Microsoft (MSFT) says it has sold 2M+ Xbox One units since its Nov. 22 launch.

A spokesman says the One, whose $499 price tag had worried some observers, is selling at a faster clip than the Xbox 360 did following its launch, and is sold out at most retail locations.

Nomura had previously suggested 3M-4M 2013 One sales were likely; Microsoft's latest figure suggests it's on its way to hitting that range. The firm had also cautioned the Xbox unit could lose over $1B in 2013 after accounting for all expenses.

CPU/GPU supplier AMD has been estimated to receive $110 per One shipment.

Separately, AllThingsD has followed up on The Verge's report about a Nokia low-end/custom Android phone by stating "there is a sense" within Nokia that Microsoft "may be willing to pursue the project."

A Nokia source states the phone's software "has a look more similar to Windows Phone than to the 'squircle' icons used on the Asha," and would deliver Microsoft services (Bing, Skype, etc.). The latter may be a necessity, given Google won't allow its own services to be provided with a "forked" version of Android.