Hydrogen fuel cells vs. electric vehicles: Too early to call

|By:, SA News Editor

Toyota (TM -0.8%) remains positive on the prospect that falling costs of fuel cell batteries will help it make the segment the future of eco-friendly cars.

The automaker sees selling 5K-10K units when the FCV Concept goes on sale in 2015.

In the long-term, Toyota thinks fuel cell vehicles will be competitive on price against zero-emission cars. The automaker targets 2030 as a date mass-production will be in place by.

What to watch: 2014 could see a ramping up of the rhetoric between Tesla Motors (TSLA -0.5%) and hydrogen fuel cell backers such as Toyota, Hyundai (HYMLF), and Mercedes-Benz (DDAIF). Most automobile industry analysts see the confrontation as really an engineering battle with development too early in the game to accurately predict a winner.