Violin Memory CTO leaves company

|About: Violin Memory, Inc. (VMEM)|By:, SA News Editor

Violin Memory (VMEM) CTO Jonathan Goldrick has left the company, Business Insider reports. A company spokesperson told the site, "I can confirm Jonathan has left on good terms. His responsibilities are being shared by Violin's Founder and CTO Jon Bennett and CTO Som Sikdar."

Rumors have swirled that CEO Don Basile could leave soon as well. Violin's spokesperson: "that is a rumor, and we cannot comment on rumors."

Given Violin's torrent of struggles (shares are down 61.4% since highs notched after its foray into the public markets at the end of Sept.), and Fusion-io's own problems, Nimble Storage (NMBL), which set its IPO price range at $16-$18, may get a chilly reception by investors.