Reuters: Morgan Stanley launches sale of U.S. oil terminal business

|About: Morgan Stanley (MS)|By:, SA News Editor

Morgan Stanley (MS) has launched a formal effort to sell its controlling stake in U.S. oil terminal and transport business TransMontaigne (TLP), Reuters reports, in what appears to be its first definitive step toward disassembling its vast energy trading group.

The TransMontaigne MLP includes 48 fuel terminals with nearly 24M barrels of storage capacity on the Gulf coast, in Florida, the Midwest and across the Southeast, including along the strategically important Colonial Pipeline that ships gasoline and diesel from the Gulf to the East Coast.

Stanley's trading division accounts for ~60% of the MLP's revenues due to long-term contracts to use its terminals, and some of these contracts could be sold as part of the package.

A number of potential buyers including Qatar, a Chinese oil major and Russia's Rosneft have been rumored in the past year, but this report says likely potential buyers include MLP subsidiaries of major refiners or midstream companies.