Cisco falls as Chambers talks of emerging markets challenges

|About: Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO)|By:, SA News Editor

Though U.S. demand is starting to show signs of improvement, emerging markets remain "extremely challenged," says John Chambers at Cisco's (CSCO -2.4%) annual analyst meeting. Those comments are helping Cisco add to the losses they saw yesterday following a Citi downgrade.

Cisco reported a 12% Y/Y drop in emerging market orders for its Oct. quarter, and 18% order drops for both China and India. John Chambers admitted at the time the NSA scandal has affected Cisco's Chinese sales, but insisted it's not a major issue elsewhere.

Yesterday, an IBM exec provided a somewhat different macro take than Chambers, asserting the European macro climate is improving but adding North America remains "a little more uncertain."

Chambers also issued cautious macro commentary in September.

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