2013 streaming winners and trends

|By:, SA News Editor

The NPD Group is out with the SVOD Report which looks at streaming activity between January and October of this year.

The top movies streamed were The Hunger Games (LGF), The Avengers (DIS) and The Lorax (CMCSA) which are all movies aimed at younger audiences. The rankings go a long way toward explaining the tent-pole strategy of major studios.

Data on TV streaming showed the most activity was for Breaking Bad (AMCX), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), and AMC's The Walking Dead.

Netflix (NFLX) doesn't like to share ratings information, but NPD has the back of investors. Its data shows 11% of all Netflix users streamed Arrested Development at least once during the six weeks following its release. The mark was lower for House of Cards (5%) and Hemlock Grove (4%), although the penetration rates compare favorably to the broadcast world.

SVOD share of the total home video market rose to over 25% during the year.