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The morning after: Futures flat, precious metals tumble

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  • Being Christmas and still a lot of"asset", Jan 1 2014 and on the real work starts.
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  • 10 y 2.91 just now.
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  • Gold breaks 1200....conspiracy!!!
    19 Dec 2013, 09:06 AM Reply Like
  • Gold spot vs. Fed balance sheet ? ! ?
    19 Dec 2013, 09:11 AM Reply Like
  • Fed asset's going up and gold going down on a graph appear to be symmetrical.
    20 Dec 2013, 08:10 PM Reply Like
  • In a perfect world gold would fall back to $295 per ounce so that I can load up.


    But it looks like it won't even fall below $1,000. :(
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  • Gold stays $1200 at today money which is $295 10 year ago money and will be 2400 in very near future with the current rate of money printing.
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  • TAccording to University of Pennsylvania finance professor Jeremy Siegel in his seminal book Stocks for the Long Run, here's what a dollar invested in various things would have grown to, from 1802 to 2001. (Amounts have been adjusted for inflation.)


    Stocks: $599,605
    Bonds: $952
    Bills: $304
    Gold: $0.98
    Did you catch that? Over 200 years, you would have lost two cents of your dollar if you had invested in gold.
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  • fiwiki:


    You revealed the bane of the goldbugs.


    They only like to compare gold to the dollar in the mattress, like those are the only two assets available through time.
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  • False.


    If you buy $1 worth of gold in 1802 (1 troy ounce pegged at $19.39) that amount of gold in 2013 is worth far more (in U.S. dollars) than 98¢.


    The "stocks always go up" argument is tired as we saw in late 2008 what stocks can do.


    I'll never understand why people think you can't hold both gold and stocks at the same time. Serious people DO NOT buy gold for the quick trade or to triple their money.


    Utter madness I tell you...
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  • I think you meant "Utter mattress..."


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  • I'll never understand why people think you can't hold both gold and stocks at the same time. ******** You're welcome to hold anything that you want, but the only reason I would hold gold would be for "the quick trade or to triple their money". it's a long term loser ! period !
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  • Long term loser compared to what?


    Lehman Bros.?


    Timeshare condos?


    Beanie Babies?






    Madoff & Associates?


    The number of dollars needed to buy a car or a house today vs. 30 years ago?
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  • Compared with any " single " line of reasoning. The only good long term strategy is to stay diversified ( including some gold holdings, paper or otherwise).
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  • You included that "long term loser" gold?


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  • Yep !……. diversifying doesn't mean stagnating, Sparky.
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  • Hmmm


    So for the last 5 years the FED has been flooding the markets with literally TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. First that was good for gold and market. Then it was good for the market, but strangely bad for gold since 2011. Now that the tapering is beginning it is STILL bad for gold and STILL good for equities. People really are beginning to believe anything they are told by the talking heads. Clearly these price actions have nothing to do with normal market actions. Without any doubt these markets are being massively manipulated.


    And frankly the conspiracy going on here is the one where no matter which direction the FED takes equities go up and metals go down. Or to put in the terms of our current lexicon; this is economic terrorism being perpetrated by an international organized crime syndicate..
    19 Dec 2013, 10:36 AM Reply Like
  • As has been demonstrated time and again, gold is a poor long term investment( or just " investment ", as investing is long term), and gold is money, but a very poor form of money. You can eat it, but it really has no nutritional value ( and I'm sure in large quantities it would be quit e constipating). It has very little utility as you can't use it for fuel, transportation or shelter. So, I'll stick with assets that have long term appreciation, useable value, and or utility!
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  • Please explain how a US dollar has "long term appreciative" value.
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  • It doesn't ! That would explain why you invest them and don't hold more than you need for short term emergency.
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  • Since QE started (11/25/08)... GLD up 45.43%,,,SPY up 136.26% (dividends reinvested)


    Not including today's price action
    19 Dec 2013, 11:23 AM Reply Like
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