Microsoft removes "interim" from CIO's job title

|About: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)|By:, SA News Editor

Microsoft (MSFT) has named Jim DuBois, a 20-year vet and the company's interim CIO for the last six months, its permanent CIO. Tony Scott, Microsoft's last permanent CIO, left in June to "focus on personal projects." (PR)

As Geekwire observes, DuBois' job not only puts him in charge of Microsoft's giant IT/data center infrastructure, but also the testing of Microsoft apps/services by employees (long the software giant's first beta testers) prior to public launches.

The appointment comes in the middle of a fiscal year where Microsoft is set to spend $5.6B (+51% Y/Y) on capex, as the company invests aggressively in its data center infrastructure to better support its various cloud services.