Facebook dominates U.S. social media use; LinkedIn's demographics favorable

Teen engagement worries or not, Facebook (FB) is still the unquestioned colossus of the U.S. social media scene. A Pew survey (.pdf) of 6,010 Americans found 71% claiming to use Facebook, up from 67% in 2012. That compares with 22% for LinkedIn (LNKD - up from 20%), 21% for Pinterest (up from 15%), 18% for Twitter (TWTR - up from 16%), and 17% for Facebook-owned Instagram (up from 13%).

Facebook's success at reeling in older users has helped it continue growing: 45% of respondents age 65 or older said they use Facebook, up from 35% a year ago. 63% of users say they check in daily, and 22% weekly.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter and Instagram's user bases skew young: 31% and 37% of respondents in the age 18-29 demographic respectively use Twitter and Instagram, compared with 9% and 6% in the 50-64 demographic. 46% of Twitter users say they check in daily, a level notably below Facebook's 63% and Instagram's 57%.

A mere 13% of LinkedIn users claim to check in daily, evidence the company's efforts to boost engagement need more work. But the platform is used by 38% of respondents making over $75K, and 27% of all employed respondents. LinkedIn's recruiting and ad clients will be happy to know that.

North America accounted for only 17% of Facebook's Q3 MAUs, but produced 48% of its Q3 revenue. The U.S. accounted for 74% of Twitter's Q3 revenue, and 62% of LinkedIn's.

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  • Mattster
    , contributor
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    I know real people making real money running real businesses on FB. Never see this mentioned.
    31 Dec 2013, 06:59 PM Reply Like
  • justhinkin01
    , contributor
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    Mattster...would you elaborate?
    31 Dec 2013, 09:08 PM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    Numbers and Facts, as they say , Don't Lie.


    Folks short FB, Do !


    Long FB... which is just starting to scratch the surface of profitability and Europe is just starting to awaken from recession !
    31 Dec 2013, 09:09 PM Reply Like
  • AZ Desert Trader
    , contributor
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    Facebook what's that? Haven't used it in so long I don't even remember what it looks like!


    Sorry I just don't see a long term future in stocks like Facebook and LinkedIn as there won't be enough new users. Not unless Zuck can figure out how to make monkeys sign up.
    31 Dec 2013, 10:05 PM Reply Like
  • Durwood Dugger
    , contributor
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    Tread carefully in the rapidly evolving world of social media darling stocks. The PEW study puts some serious social media stats in better light than they deserve:


    Not said, but apparent for Twitter - over 60% users are early teens and under - not exactly an advertisers dream income demographic - unless you are toy maker. Up from earlier years, but again not what advertisers need to justify ads with Twitter.


    FB has all but saturated the US market and the young are fleeing in droves. Additionally, FB's efforts to provide competition with other SM - especially LNKD have been miserable failures - FB Answers, FB Branchout, and FB Jobs never seemed to get past "Start" achieving no momentum, no brand recognition and the majority of social media participants have never even heard of them. Look for negative FB growth in US in 2014 due to market saturation and competition dilution, but not necessarily in Europe and Asia - as pointed out. Any stock and income appreciation will have to come from there.


    LNKD members, especially paying premium members are coming to a slow boil over LNKD's incompetent management and their 2013 SWAM debacle (Site wide auto-moderation program - search site for numerous related bitch groups - from which LNKD constantly removes comments) a debacle estimated now effectively censoring and limiting as many as 10% LNKD members. Additionally, LNKD's HR business is also not being as well received as being touted in WS market media. HR users are finding LNKD lack of verified and unreliable user information a serious limitation as a professional hiring resource. Not to mention LNKD members with multiple accounts under different and false names. Additionally, advertisers have been calling LNKD's hand on their inflated member numbers and their daily use stats now for some time (especially in recent months) - actual daily use numbers are even lower than the generously kind numbers reported in the PEW study. You can expect slower LNKD - US growth and or an outright collapse of LNKD's grossly over-valued stock early in 2014 - unless they get their management's incompetence and member stat claims credibility sorted out sooner than current management-in-denial activity is indicating.
    31 Dec 2013, 10:14 PM Reply Like
  • Brian Bobbitt
    , contributor
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    You in the comments are missing it. The world is more concerned with how they look than how they are. They use pictures from places like Nat G, Animal Planet, and Zoos. Quote important people who have the brains to make quotable things,but these social medias will not go away because it gives the great unwashed a life. Gives them substance and a voice. No one listens to them at home, so they sit at the 'puter and spout the knowledge of the ages, parroting wisdom and recipes but really are still the great unwashed. And to prove it, NOT one of my friends will comment on my comment. The don't read Keats and Milton and SA and have no clue about the prime rate, the inflation rate or anything that dictates how they live. What they do know is the ratings for the Hollywood stars and who is winning the current ball game. Reality? NOt only do they not know, but they are afraid of it and don't want to hear it. Want proof? Ask your friends if they have a little gold, or what an mREIT is, or what is the dollar at. Shall I continue.
    You can make a mint by watching the crowd, what do you think Obama is doing?
    Capt. Brian
    The Lost Navigator
    Reality stinks, but what else is there. Unless you are an ostrich. (BTW, FYI, an ostrich is looking for food.)
    1 Jan 2014, 01:19 AM Reply Like
  • InTheWind
    , contributor
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    It's very simple, which demographic has the most Money to spend? What platform has the largest distribution of those people who have money to spend? That's what the advertisers want to know and determines volume and pricing in this media. The majority of people under 25 have less disposable income than those over 50. I'm going with where the advertisers are really spending their money. FB, best in class, at least for now, but that will change. It always does.
    1 Jan 2014, 09:26 AM Reply Like
  • Durwood Dugger
    , contributor
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    What the advertisers miss is the connection between income demographic and the actual decisive use for that income. How many purchases have you made on FB or LNKD. Me? Absolutely none - nor have they helped me make a decision regarding a purchase. Really who is going to rely on Joe Blow on FB to guide him with a car purchase, or any other purchase that requires competent and verifiable information. You may chat, brag and share photos to bolster your ego, but there is a little to no commercial value in FB, Twitter, or the others. LNKD being an exception - which does allow some professional networking - though from my experience the value is intangible at best. Dissect the online purchase process - Google research generally leads me to Amazon and or other online stores which directly connect my income demographic and my money with the product and a transaction mechanism to complete the purchase. The only social content is found is if I use the product reviews - which are of highly questionable value. What advertisers miss is the great disconnect between social media's lack of competent verifiable information and their actual impact on the purchase of goods and services. When you outline the major decision pathways necessary to make an informed purchase - social media just isn't a necessary or a meaningful component. Sooner or later this will sink in on advertisers that are looking at actual tangible value for social media in sales performance. Good luck with that.
    3 Jan 2014, 01:48 PM Reply Like
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