Report: Intel to unveil Android/Windows hybrids, Microsoft/Google not on board

|About: Intel Corporation (INTC)|By:, SA News Editor

Sources tell The Verge Intel (INTC) and its OEM partners plan to show off tablets/convertibles capable of simultaneously running Android (GOOG) and Windows (MSFT) at CES. The products will reportedly be able to run Android and Windows apps side by side.

Though Samsung and Asus have experimented with Android/Windows hybrids, there hasn't yet been a major push behind the concept, which fuses the world's most popular mobile and PC platforms. Intel is uniquely positioned to address the opportunity, since its x86 CPUs, unlike ARM-based (ARMH) CPUs, can run both Android and Windows 8.

However, sources state neither Microsoft nor Google supports the initiative, given doing so means indirectly supporting a rival platform. Microsoft, which is scrambling to improve developer support for Windows Phone and Metro-style Windows apps, might be especially on edge.

The Verge observes Microsoft could make OEMs think twice by withholding marketing support and/or license discounts, and that Google could restrict access to Google Play and others apps/services.

Ironically, investment firm Longboard Asset Management declared in October Android/Windows hybrids are a key reason to be bullish on Microsoft. The firm called such products a "game changer" for the software giant, particularly in the enterprise.

Likewise, the devices could strengthen Google's high-end and enterprise tablet positions. The iPad still claims an outsized share of these segments, even as Android has gobbled up low-end tablet share.

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