Intel launches gesture recognition camera/sensor for PCs

|About: Intel Corporation (INTC)|By:, SA News Editor

Intel (INTC) has unveiled RealSense, a "3D depth and 2D camera module" for PCs that the chip giant promises will deliver "highly accurate" gesture recognition, as well as "facial features for understanding movement and emotions," the ability to detect foregrounds and backgrounds, and 3D scanning capabilities.

Lenovo, H-P, Dell, and others plan to offer PCs and tablets featuring RealSense in 2H14. In an early proof of concept, Microsoft is updating its Skype and Lync apps to allow users to remove backgrounds during a video call with the help of RealSense.

The announcement comes six months after Intel bought gesture recognition tech developer Omek Interactive. Odds are Intel's primary goal with RealSense isn't to profit from camera module sales, but to stoke demand for new multimedia apps requiring powerful CPUs.

Microsoft (Kinect), Leap Motion, and Apple-acquired PrimeSense are some of the other firms to have developed depth-sensing/gesture recognition solutions.