BlackBerry rallies; AT&T offers support, company to focus on keyboard phones

|About: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)|By:, SA News Editor

Though still well below where it traded four months ago, BlackBerry (BBRY +6.1%) is now up 36% since posting its FQ3 report and announcing the Foxconn outsourcing deal pn Dec. 20.

AT&T mobile chief Ralph de la Vega has provided BlackBerry with a measure of support at CES, stating his company is "supporting [BlackBerry's] efforts to continue being a viable supplier." Like other major carriers, AT&T has long shown an interest in supporting rival platforms to Android/iOS, with the goal of obtaining leverage against Google and Apple.

Meanwhile, John Chen has declared BlackBerry will now "predominantly" focus on selling phones with physical keyboards, a market niche where BlackBerry still claims a sizable base of loyal users, rather than touchscreen-only devices, where the company has seen limited success competing against the iPhone and Android hardware.